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Master In Architecture Degree In Europe

Master In Architecture Degree In Europe

Architecture Master in Europe

Program Description

The Architecture Master in Europe is organized by the Faculty of Architecture. The design process – and especially its social and cultural role – underlies the formation of the faculty. The master’s program combines design and academic approach. The purpose of this program is to develop students’ minds so that they can work not only in technical, scientific, and artistic fields but also so that they can create sustainable and socially responsible solutions. The school has a strong international reputation. The school has top practices with successful career results in architectural competitions, design projects, or successful exhibitions.

What is the program all about?

The Master of Architecture program explores the subject in terms of design studies and design studies. The program combines an academic approach with an experimental creative approach.


The Best Architecture Masters (BAM) platform presented the second edition of its ranking of the best master’s programs in architecture in the world in 2020.

Based on the list of postgraduate programs from the best architecture schools selected in the QS for subjects – architecture / artificial environment. they were evaluated by 11 performance indicators on the educational approach, the opportunities offered by them, and the programs themselves.

As in the first edition, Harvard Master of Architecture II continues to lead the rankings. At the regional level, the Master of Housing Collective ETSAM + ETH Zurich (Spain) is the best in Europe (3rd place). And Master of Architecture, Tsinghua University (China) – the best in Asia (10th place). And the Master of Architecture at the University of Los Andes (Colombia) is the best in Latin America, ranking 16th in the world.

Master of Architecture

An architectural association is unmatched in architectural education. The best part about this school is that it encourages students to explore their imagination and come up with innovative ideas.

The school offers various exchange programs for its students. Which gives them the opportunity to request further studies at renowned institutions or universities. And also owns several architecture firms where students can gain work experience or internships after training.

Starting the admission procedure, all you have to do is choose a course. Check the admission requirements, and find out if you are eligible. After that, there will be an interview and an evaluation. Finally, you have to wait for their decision.

What is the program all about?

You should consider the following:

  • Do you have a high level of creativity and want to explore and then apply it in the field of architecture?
  • Do you know how to identify problem areas, conduct research, and draw conclusions in the field of design decisions?
  •  you want to work with international experts in a multicultural team?

If so, then this program is right for you.

Career opportunities

Graduates are trained to lead multidisciplinary teams of engineers, interior architects, landscape architects, and artists. In addition to working as independent (independent) architects, graduates also work as specialists in government. And the agencies and international design firms around the world. so many graduates play the role of researchers serving local or international governments, NGOs, or other institutions.

Start your career during the studies

During undergraduate and graduate studies, you can already create your own profile. Choosing a specific specialization, studying abroad (Erasmus), getting a job, or starting your own business.

The student career center is happy to set you on the right path to your first work experience. The center also teaches you how to find an interesting job and helps you with job interviews. For students who want to start their own business, KU Leuven also has Lie, the KU Leuven community, which encourages students with innovative. And entrepreneurial ideas.


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