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Everything you need to know about Henny West

Henny West wasn’t always Henny West. He grew up in a house without both of his parents it was a struggle because Henny was raised by his grandparents. Henny West’s mom was struggling with drug addiction and his father had left when he was born. Growing up in the city of Carson California was very tough for Henny the neighborhood was really bad his grandparents didn’t have much money but they made do with what they had. Henny didn’t have many friends growing up so he got really involved in music. Music was a way for Henny to release stress it gave him the opportunity to express his feelings to tell his story. It made Henny feel good when He was young. He always kept to himself so music came really easy, Henny west always able to concentrate for a long period of time because that’s what music is, you need to be able to focus.

Young age struggle

Henny begins his journey at a young age as a teenager writing and producing his own music. But coming up with the money was always a struggle because music is very expensive. Henny was able to work side gigs in order to save up enough money to buy equipment. He was able to buy his first drum machine at 15 years old. Henny was also able to buy a digital recorder to record his vocals. It was then when he heard his voice through the speakers. Henny knew he found something that he truly loved. Henny doesn’t do music just for money, but the money would be nice. He does it because it helps him with his depression, it helps Henny with his stress. Henny West has put out four albums since he started his journey as a musician each album tells a different story about his life. Henny has an album called “story to tell” which is Henny West’s story growing up as a young adult.

Henny West-1

As a young kid, Henny gets really deep into my childhood as well as telling his story about his parents. It also tells a story about how Henny grew up with racial profiling, injustices that he had to deal with growing up. Henny West second solo album which is titled “show me the light”

Music album 1440

is the story about his life and what Henny dealt with depression. “I know a lot of people deal with depression so people can relate to what I’m saying” it also tells a story about how Henny West’s dad had passed away about how he was dealing with his demons his alcohol addiction. Henny West’s father passed away from Alcohol abuse. Henny West’s third solo album which is titled “1440” is about conquering his depression issues. “My life was a lot more stable the songs are a little bit more upbeat they have a little bit more love” Henny explains how “1440” is how many minutes that are in a day. “We all have 1440 minutes but we all use our minutes differently” “I think everybody can relate to this newest album it just has a lot of life”


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