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Game of Thrones Season 8 Review And Critics

Fantasy drama, Game of Thrones Season 8, got attractiveness from HBO. It is still the large amount searched and great thrill on google engine. iron throne it was displayed on the TV in 2011 for the first time. The series was based on the novel “A song of ice and fire.” It converted into a pilot theater.


Game of Thrones Season 8

premiered in 2019 with the gap of a year. Game of Thrones Season 8 is comprised of six episodes only. of course, the final series is about the culmination of the previous story to wind up things. This is a struggle to wind up the power of Night King plus White Walkers.

Now, its time as well as to give a closing to Game of Thrones series HBO. 

HBO game of thrones rated very high. They are asking for more and more in beautiful packages.

 Game of Thrones 8 casts

The last seasons Game of Thrones 8 casts worked on the book names, “The winds of the spring” plus “A dream of the spring.” The season received a mixed kind of review from the critics. This season has very little to tell but still, it came up for giving an end to the storyline. This is time to say bye to the Game of Thrones series.


of course, One may analyze the mini control after some of the scenes. It is effortless for those to review the points which have previously read the book. But still, it is a first attempt to catch up with the paperback.

Game of Thrones series.

People also say Game of Thrones 8 as the lowest-rated season of the all. Still, it received 32 nominations. It won 12 awards too. This can make Game of Thrones 8 potent. Now it further seems that the audience is fed up. They are seeking an end to Game of Thrones series.

The writing seems to be monotonous now. Viewers felt it genuinely. This is why in most of the reviews, they recommended to end up “A song of ice and fire.” They are no more interested in new seasons. They can see the previous ones again and again instead of new low rated stuff.

Game of Thrones season HBO

Some of the critics were with the hope that maybe Game of Thrones 8 brings some life back to the linkage, but surprisingly, it was not up to the mark. It just continued some of the cruces of the story with tiresome dialogues of Game of Thrones 8 characters.

Anyways the Game of Thrones season HBO is finally putting a full stop. This is the ending, and there will be nothing more to enhance the viewers. The last verdict and gossip will be only about Game of Thrones 8. 

Most of the characters left the Game of Thrones series after Game of Thrones season 7. Now the flight is over to the Iron throne. The game is going to be over and out with the final decision of the community. It is the final end.



The Game of Thrones season 8 is giving you only six episodic packages. Game of Thrones episodes can be reviewed as under:

The very first episode, “Winterfell” is coming with the combined armies display at Winterfell. Now, the castle occupants are dead. They are no more there. Umber has left an awkward message for others. Jaime arrives at the Winterfell to meet others.

The second episode is coming with the tag name, “A knight of the seven kingdoms.” It is the theme of the final season Game of Thrones season 8,  most of the things are in closing.

Third episode

The third episode is coming with the tag name, “The long night.” Here the climax scene comes, which is liked by the community at a high level. on the other, and you will see the meeting of the army of the dead and the living army. Arya is again mysterious for further ambushing the Night King, which is a tough task.

Fourth episode

The fourth episode, “The last of Starks,” is also giving a soft ending message. Moreover, The survivors move ahead and start mourning. They burn the dead too.it is again trouble for them.

The second last episode, “The bells,” is coming with the advancing claim of Jon. The Hound is serious about convincing Arya; he wants her to save herself. Arya barely tries her efforts, but she is thriving in escaping alive.  

The final episode, which is the closing of the whole series, came with the tag name, “The iron throne.” It is the throne as well as for which the entire series worked out from here and there. Now its time to crown the self who will get the final throne called Iron throne. Arya is on the sail to the west in the end. Sansa is the crowned queen in the north. Game of Thrones female characters as well as is happy at the ending point.

Can you watch the game of thrones on Amazon Prime for free? Of course, yes! Now there is no new game of thrones. It’s over at this moment Game of Thrones is over with the stunning ending indeed. It is over now. 

Game of thrones box office earnings is above the expectations. Game of thrones budget paid it off in the end. All is well that ends well.

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