2020 Oscars Biggest Legendary Moments Round-Up

The world’s biggest stars celebrated the night of Oscars, and the Oscars 2020 was yet another night to remember. With some big wins, we also saw some big speeches during the special night as the team and crew of the winners thanked us to have been awarded with the prestigious award. The grand event was used by some to thank their fans and friends, and some used it as a political stage. The night was a blast, and we saw a lot of great movies and actors winning. For those who missed the night, we are going to do a round-up for the 2020 Oscars. There were a lot of big moments during the ceremony, and we will be talking about all of them. So without wasting any further time, let’s dig into some details.

Parasite South Korean movie swept away the Oscars

South Korea is a home of many big brands, and the progressive country has also made its name in the world of entertainment. With the global popularity of Kpop and K dramas, South Korea is also making some great movies. South Korean black comedy Parasite won 4 awards at the Oscars. The Parasite is the first movie to have won the best picture award at the Oscars despite being a non-English movie. The best picture award is Hollywood’s most significant award for the night. The film is a thriller based on a low-income family invading into a wealthy household, and how the thing gets wild and bumpy for both families is what the film is all about. The Parasite was able to win 4 awards at the ceremony making a lot of people astonished because a subtitled Asian film hasn’t won so many awards at the Oscars ever. The Parasite director Bong Joon ho thanked his stars and said in his speech that it is a dream come true for him to win so many awards at the prestigious Oscars. Oscars 2019 didn’t witness any non-English movie win any awards, but this year made history by Parasite winning all the major awards of the ceremony.

Phoenix and Zellweger win

The movie has swept away other award ceremonies this season, and it was expected that the movie would be winning awards at the Oscars as well. Among other Oscars winners, the film had the most nominations. Joaquin Phoenix won his first award for the thriller Joker, and he had the most nominations as an actor in the ceremony. The actor gave an emotionally charged speech and talked about the injustice in the world and also talked about his brother, who passed away due to drug abuse back in 1993. Renee Zellweger won the best actress, and she dedicated her award to the legend of Hollywood she played in the movie. She delivered an emotional speech and said that Judy Garland couldn’t receive the honor during her time, but she is accepting the award on her behalf. You can check out Oscars Wiki to find out which other actresses have won the Best Actress award at the Oscars.

Politics Reigns

Bratt Pitt was more than happy to receive an award for the best supporting actor in the famous movie once upon a time in Hollywood. When he gave the speech, he was hilarious enough to compare it with the happenings in politics. We’ll tell you why. He said that when he went up to the stage, he was only allowed to give a speech for about 45 seconds, and that’s the same amount of time John Bolton was given in the senate. He referred to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump and gave everyone a chance to laugh with his wittiness. The Oscar award was undoubtedly special for him as it was his first win in this prestigious ceremony. He choked while accepting the distinction as the moment was very special to him.

American Factory, which happens to be the first production from Barack and Michelle Obama, won the best documentary, so we are not wrong to say that politics did reign this year’s academy awards. The best-supporting actress award was presented to Laura Dern as she plays the role of a lawyer well in the famous movie named Marriage Story. It was a great night for sure and brought a smile on the face of Oscars2020 winners. If you are a fan of Billy porter, you will be up for some fun as he made an iconic appearance this year.

Musical tributes

The Oscar night filled with glamour and luxury, but there was a feeling of sadness and emptiness due to the death of famous star Kobe Bryant. Keeping aside all this music was an essential theme of the special night. The official Oscar invitation was given to some of the best actors and musicians in the industry. Elton John won an award for a famous song while Eminem made a surprise appearance on stage after a long time.

His first appearance was back in 2003, and we enjoy every bit of his performance this time. Hildur Gudnadottir is turning out to be a new talent on the block and won an award for her unique and haunting music theme for the movie Joker. Janelle Monáe’s opening performance in the ceremony was a treat for all the music lovers, and it was evident everyone enjoyed the performance a lot.

No women directors

This is maybe astonishing for many, but there was no female director nominated for this year’s Oscar movies. Just like last year, there was no host for this year’s award function, while some even believe that the ceremony was way too long to handle. The early reviews may not be favorable enough, yet we are still excited to catch up with the Oscars schedule. Many even believed that women should also have been given equal treatment and be nominated in any category they deserve. You can only be happy enough that Dina Menzel won an award for doing an excellent voice-over in the movie Frozen 2.Diane’s outfit was to die for, so don’t forget to check out all this fantastic stuff when Oscar’s come on your television screens.

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