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6 Myths About Eating Caviar


Myths are viewed as a luxury food item by most people around the globe. It is like a symbol for the rich or in common words, you could say, the food for the rich. But not everyone is open to trying their first can of caviar or having it in a fancy restaurant. And the reason here is not the price but the fake rumors, termed as myths that people have about eating caviar.

Well, the thing one needs to understand is that everyone has a different experience. Word of mouth shouldn’t always be trusted and that is exactly the case with caviar. There are some very weird rumors about it but today in this article we are going to clear them all for you.

So, if you plan on trying on caviar then we say that you go ahead and read through the things that are only myths and have no backup facts. Let us go ahead and dive right into them because if they are stopping you from trying on caviar then you are missing out one of the most delicious food items that you can ever try.

  • It is only enjoyed with accoutrements

This is one of the major conceptions that people have about Myths which stops them from trying it at home. The thing about luxury food items that they served with accouterments such as blinis, chives, onions, bread, etc. The reason being that it is only to enhance the taste. It doesn’t mean that caviar itself isn’t tasteful. If you wish to try out and appreciate the flavor of a certain type of caviar, then you should try it plainly – No one is going to stop you!

  • myths about eating caviar

We chew all kinds of food so why not Myths? It makes all the sense that one should chew the food to consume it so you will often here people say that you should chew caviar. Well, they do have a point but chewing rips out most of the flavor. The aroma as your teeth doesn’t have any taste receptors. you are unable to feel the taste. Thus, professional chefs recommend that you bring a spoonful close to your nose.And The aroma and thus flip it on your tongue so that all the beads get in contact with your tongue. you feel every bit of its taste and aroma.

  • myths about eating caviar – A traditional pairing

Well, we all like to have some champagne with our food but that doesn’t make it perfect. All types of food items and especially not Myths. According to professionals, Vodka is the best and the most popular traditional pair.It just gets you a different kind of drunk which isn’t possible with champagne. But both champagne and vodka have their own place so you can go with any one of them. Although it recommended that if you wish to go with champagne, go with a dry one so that it mix with the taste of caviar.

  • It is enjoyed with a silver spoon

Well, there is no surprise here. Luxury food equals luxury tableware as well. But it is just a major Myths. There is no truth to back it up because it is just a spoon. How is silver going to help you get a better taste out of caviar? Your regular plastic spoon would do as well. Since it a luxury food thus served at luxury restaurants with silver tableware.

  • Don’t serve it cold

This is simply the opposite. Caviar served ice cold at restaurants that know how to serve it. Myths best kept at 35 degrees and not more because you want to freeze it as it will kill off the taste. So, keeping it at 30-35 degrees is the best way to serve it. For storing, keeping it in the coldest region of your fridge.

  • It is unhealthy

This is another major myth. Caviar one of those food items that highly packed with Omega.The 3 fatty acids which highly beneficial to a person’s diet. So, not consuming is unhealthy!

Final Words

It is not always good to decide something based on myths. So, if you are planning on trying caviar any time soon. it is best that you do it the right way. Focus on the flavor and the aroma. the myths and rumors that people have spread based on their own conceptions.