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Game Of Thrones Season 3 Review And Critics

Game Of Thrones Season 3 Review And Critics

Game of thrones season 3 after the remarkable success stories of season 1 and 2, there arrived the third sequel of the most popular show on HBO called Game of Thrones season 3. The truly the king of thrones on Netflix. A song of ice and fire HBO is narrated as Game of Thrones. 

Game of Thrones season 3 was also going to be the one full of its potency. It didn’t disappoint the spectators and tried level best to give the best. The storyline is continuing with the message of the same novel. Game of Thrones on demand is now coming with the part “A Storm of Swords”. It sounds like an aggressive mystery which is giving a thrill in the winter arenas.

Game of Thrones season 3 casts was pre-planned as the director was quite clear about his mission statement. Game of Thrones season 3 characters also had a haphazard refresh for giving new themes to the episodes. Monotonousness is stagnancy that is why now it was time to change the motives so the audience may get some freshness in Game of thrones 2011 sequel too. It is genuinely Game of Thrones on demand

The storyline is running on the icy continent namely Westeros. The fictional world is playing its part. War of the five kings is the base of the story in that is why it has more about swords on ice. It has got ratings.

Game of Thrones season 3 budget was high this time. The reason was that now the cast got their value and was becoming expensive to cash the amount of their fame also. Awards winning were also surprisingly above the expectations. Game of Thrones season 3 casts won 2 out of 16 Emmy Awards.

Game of Thrones season 3 characters also won Critics’ choice best awards. Season 3 is noticeably peaking and giving climax scenes at their best. It is gutting wrenching in many ways. Some of the scenes are higher than the mark. They have given an upgraded version of the previous two seasons. Game of Thrones director did his job. 

They are fairly channelizing compound emotions in a single touch so one may enjoy the stuff at its level best on screen. Game of Thrones director is no doubt at his best. Everything if fit to its limits in its adjusted place.

Google engine is showing high ratings for Game of thrones. It is 10 out of 10 at most of the links. This kind of appreciation is making it the most searched thing on the web. Game of Thrones director counts it as victory and all-rounder stuff. 



Episodic review


Again the Game of Thrones season 3 is coming with a pack of 10 episodes. Further, each episode’s time limit was approximately 55 minutes. Events have discipline and channelizing.

White walkers were in the closing chapter of the last sequel. The event is more about faith and loyalty promises on behalf of characters.

The second episode, “Dark wings, dark words” is also a prestigious link to the past. Arya is disclosed in this episode of Game of Thrones season 3. Moreover, she is the hidden truth in the event. Coldness, swords, fights, and rushing all the things made an amalgam.

The third episode, “Walk of punishment” is talking about Tully’s funeral. His proposal for Lyse is quite timely as she is also in quest of for sort of support plus safety measures.

The fourth episode, “And now his watch is ended” is depicting the message of ending points for viewers. It is liked for the rationale of having letdown escape attempts. This is giving chunks of acting to the drama.

Further the fifth episode, with a cute name “Kissed by fire” is mostly attracted by spectators for its peculiar name tag. Olena is willing to pay for the royal marriage knot. Sana is again in the troublesome situation as plot building is there against her.

The sixth episode, “The Climb” is a jump to the next point indeed. This is giving action tactics to the drama.

Further, the seventh episode, “The Bear and the Maiden fair” is in search of three-eyed Raven. This search is the theme of the episode. This also leads to the dismay cast. 

The eighth episode, “Second sons,” is the fantasy and fun about a marriage of Sansa and Tyrion. They are staying in the scene. Game of Thrones season 3 is a tremendous success.

Further the ninth episode, “The Rains of Castamere” is close to the wall. Sam, Gilly, and their son reach the wall. They are trying to save themselves from the thunderstorm. Arya seems to be secure with Sandor in the end.

The last episode, “Mhysa” is again talking about white walkers. It is revealing the massacre that continued from the very first episode of the season. It is showing an openness to the fourth season indeed. 

Game of thrones 2011 sequel is not ended yet. Is Game of thrones over? The next coming season is also another addition to the original lineage. Hopes are high, the audience expects more from the new ones that are why budget and targets are always high in upcoming seasons.


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