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Frozen 2, Rumors Wandering Around Suggests that Elsa is “homosexual” Disney Queen?

Frozen 2 will hit hard the screens on November 22, 2019. Rumors wandering around about Elsa’s sexuality and love interest suggests that she’s homosexual (gay/lesbian). She will come across another homosexual queen in the upcoming sequel.

Frozen is all set to reward its die-hard fans with its part 2.  It will unleash the past and reasons behind Elsa’s magical powers.

Anyhow, apart from this, people are saying that Elsa is homosexual and probably find her other half in Frozen 2.

So, to figure out whether it’s true or not, Elsa is a homosexual Queen or not, let’s have a look on some facts about Elsa’s character design, history, and modish changes that Disney made to represent her in Frozen as a protagonist.

Elsa’s character as a Villain Queen:

At first, the creator sketched Elsa’s character as a Villain Queen. Anyhow, after that the makers re-designed her character. Some major changes lead her to become the protagonist of Frozen, the superpower holder queen whom people misunderstand, and fail to notice her pain and scars.

However, if we talk about Elsa’s sexuality then it can’t be said that she is homosexual (gay/lesbian) who’s interested in the same gender. And the proof is that in Frozen 1 she fell in love at fight sight with Prince Hans. But unfortunately, her heart broke down as Hans choose Anna over Elsa. Anyhow, Hans was none other than a forger in disguise.

Well, who knows that after facing rejection at first and having her heart broken down, Elsa’s love interest and feelings gets changed regarding men. And she end-up choosing some belonging to the same gender as hers. 

Another theory suggests that Elsa might belong to some kind of female clan, and she’s isn’t born to couple up with any man, but with a woman?

Let’s see how this mystery of her past, powers, and sexuality will get resolved in Frozen 2.


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