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Little Mermaid: Halle Bailey and Christian Navarro to Play the Role of Ariel and Eric?

Disney is planning to adapt the 1889 film ” The Little Mermaid” for the live-action remake. Let’s figure out is it true that Halle Bailey and Christian will play the role of Ariel, and Prince Eric, respectively.

So, Disney is all set to revive our all childhood memories one by one by presenting the live-action remakes of our favorite childhood animations.

Now, Disney is on the way to present the remake of Little Mermaid. So, we are all eager to watch it, but we know it will take a bit longer time to pop-up. Anyhow, till then, we can hype our excitement by knowing everything about the live-action remake of our favorite Little Mermaid.

A month ago, Disney revealed that Halle Bailey will play the role of  Ariel who’s the mermaid in the film. Certainly, the news about Halle Bailey portraying the role of Ariel mesmerized our hearts. 

Well, now, we have another mesmerizing news for the fans. Christian Navarro who plays the role of Tony Padilla in 13 Reasons Why will appear in Little Mermaid Live-Action Remake as Prince Eric. 

Isn’t the best news for the fans of Christian A.K.A Tony? Of course, it is far enough to fill out hearts with delight that now we will see our favorite actor, the cool Tony as Prince Eric.

Hence, Halle and Cristian will rock together and spark the live-action remake of Little Mermaid with their magical duo.


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