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End of The F***king World Season 2: Here’s Everything that You Need To Know!

The end of f***king world is a series of UK’s Channel 4.  it is a teenager self killer series. The story of two teenagers James and Alyssa. They go on a road trip where the journey turns into a crime-filled way.

The season consisted of eight episodes that end with a shocking finale. The final cuts before James fate; therefore, the instant questions arose about the second season.

Fans are asking whether the second season will happen or not. Many are saying it would not happen however in august 2018, a picture posted of season 1 and a message written on it, “ We’ll be f***king back.”

Beth Willis is the head of the dramatic programming at Channel 4 told that the season one got global success and now the second season is on the way.

There is no official release date released, but the series can hit in late 2019.  For the second season, it is confirmed that Alex and Jessica will return for their role as James and Alyssa. There is no news about other remaining casts.

Well, Jessica and Netflix announced that the production had started for the series. Jessica made this announcement with a pic of comedy ready as Alyssa, that might be a cover for the second season.

As you know season one focused on James death and the new episodes will follow the legal binding of Alyssa and James. In the new season,  there would be a high profile case. James dies but will return back in flashback.


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