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Empire Season 6: How the Musical Drama will End?

Empire Season 6 premiered on September 24, 2019 on Fox. The intensity among fans is high as it’s the final run of the musical drama So, as Empire season 6 and its final season have been released on Fox, fans are now wondering how the series will reach its finale.

Firstly, Let me throw some light on the Empire TV series’ background to revive the musical drama’s whole story so that we can easily take you towards its conclusion.

Empire is a musical drama TV series that Lee Daniels and Danny Strong created and proposed to air on Fox back in 2015. Till now, Empire has fixed a place in millions of hearts, worldwide as it is certainly a worth-watching show with its keen approach to highlighting the immense disasters of life.

Empire revolves around the life of Lucious Lyon, Dwight Walker, and his family. As Lucious is diagnosed with a fatal disease, he tries hard to train one of his sons to hold the power and take care of his entertainment firm, Empire. So, Empire the title of the series is actually based on the name of the entertainment firm Lucious which all of the characters, his sons, and his wife are battling for.

Certainly, all of them want to hold the floor and get a hold of the Empire. It will surely be full of intensity to watch who will win and get the hold of Empire in the finale.

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