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Elite Season 3: What’s Hidden Inside the Cards?

Elite Season 2 has just scorched the Netflix and after binge-watching it, fans are eager to have its next season. Elite Season 3 is currently under its production phase and the makers and the cast all are preparing to bring out the best of the teen drama in its next run.

Netflix renewed the Elite for a third run even before the arrival of its second season. Certainly, the teen drama, Elite has stolen millions of hearts with its remarkable presentation of teen life. Its spoils lead by the drastic steps amidst the sparklings of elite life.

Now, the huge fanbase of Elite is waiting for Elite Season 3. Which will dig them deep into the lives of the Elite-class school students. Whose lives are severely being affected by the ELITE lifestyle. Until Elite Season 2, we witnessed Marina’s tragic death and its murder investigation which in turn caused chaos among the friends.

Anyhow, despite all that the real murderer Polo remained saved as his so-called girlfriend is trying her best to safeguard him. 

Let’s see will Polo have to pay for what he did to Marina. As her loved ones ain’t going to stay quiet after knowing Polo killed her.

In Season three of Elite, we will get to know more about the impact of the ELITE class’ so-called practices. Onto the lives of the teens belonging to both elite and lower, working class.


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