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Currency in games, its value, and methods of obtaining, including purchase

Online games are an opportunity to fully plunge into another reality that lives by different rules and customs but has many points of intersection with the real world, especially gold and everything related to the local currency.

For WoW it’s gold, for Destiny 2 it’s glimmers, for FF14 it’s girls, and so on, but regardless of the different names, the general idea remains the same – you need a lot of gold to buy key equipment and weapons, various items and accessories, and pay for various services from NPCs and other players.

To farm a lot of gold, or sell resources for it, you need to spend a lot of time playing and doing grinding and clearing raids, as well as professions and other mechanics to increase your financial condition.

A strong time lag due to a tight work schedule and love for the project as a whole is pushing some gamers to buy FF 14 gils and other currencies to improve their financial situation and buy additional equipment that will speed up pumping and allow them to catch up with more active gamers.

They go to services like Skycoach and order various services, including buying game gold or finding sellers within the MMO itself.

What is game gold
Currency in games, its value, and methods of obtaining, including purchase 3

What is the game gold?

This is the local currency, which is used as the main resource for communication through goods and services between players and NPCs.

Equipment is bought and sold for gold, and NPS services are paid for (teleports and movement). Consumables and resources are purchased.

You can get gold through the quest system, knock out killed monsters, find rare and simple resources and exchange them on the market, craft equipment and sell it, or realize any reward from raids that can be sold to NPCs or other players.

For all those gamers who do not have a lot of free time to constantly go through all the zones to earn gold, but there is a clear desire to get to the top level, then it’s up to them to turn to services for buying gold, or to other players.

Ways to buy game gold

You can find offers to sell in-game gold in your faction’s chat rooms, or common player chats, through ads in personal trading shops with links, and by googling popular services like Skycoach with reviews and high attendance rates.

Risks when buying game gold

You must understand that the purchase and sale of game gold in any way that is not considered in-game is prohibited by the game rules and is punishable by the administration.

The second point is that you always risk your money, because you can simply be deceived and not provided with the paid gold.

Why is it dangerous to buy gold from other players

You need to take into account the main risks that you bear when interacting with other players:

  1. You may be deceived and not provided with the paid gold.
  1. You can get a ban from the game administration, and no one will help you resolve the situation due to the lack of interest and lack of responsibility from the seller for the consequences of the transaction.
  1. You can get poor-quality gold, which was obtained by stealing from another account or through the use of bot programs and other prohibited methods. Such gold is quickly calculated by the administration as a result of methods to combat scams and violations of game rules, and sooner or later you simply fall into the chain of seizure of gold and bans, and the seller will not help you restore your good name and prove innocence, since the procedure for buying game gold is illegal.

How services work and security secrets

The Skycoach level service works differently, as it has its own name and status, gained through experience and feedback, which will not violate or expose players to low-quality gold, or poor service delivery.

The service ensures your safety

Unlike third-party players, Skycoach is directly interested in the security of your transaction and uses various techniques to pass off the exchange process as a real interaction of players, without the participation of real money.

Skycoach has its own channels for supplying high-quality gold, which is mined exclusively by gaming, and such a resource needs to be constantly sold, so it is beneficial for the service that you buy once, make sure the services are reliable, and continue to buy gold, regardless of how much you need. At least 100 coins, at least more—Skycoach will supply you with any amount of game gold.

The service helps and gives guarantees in cases of disputes

The fact is that no one can guarantee you a 100% chance that the deal will go well, and the game administration will not interfere in the deal.

The only difference is that the Skycoach level service will provide a 99% chance of successfully overcoming the transaction and will guarantee that in the event of a failure to exchange the game administration, you will be reimbursed and assisted in restoring the character if sanctions are imposed on him. You can always write a petition and have a high chance of appealing the verdict if it is described correctly, with which the service staff will help you if necessary.

How does the process of buying gold from the Skycoach service work

When you have decided that you need to buy gold, and you need to calculate the amount of the transaction, or just immediately go in and order gold, you need to do the following.

  • Go to the official Skycoach website.
  • Choose your MMO RPG or other format, and select your server.
  • Already at this stage, you can request feedback from the manager, or continue placing an order.
  • When paying and choosing the amount, all that remains is to agree on the timing and method of delivering gold to the player, since there are several options to choose from.
How does the process of buying gold from the Skycoach service work
Currency in games, its value, and methods of obtaining, including purchase 4

Gold delivery methods

Exchange between players

At a certain time, there is a game exchange between players in which you provide any item of low value and, in return, receive paid gold.

Lot placement

Many games have an auction system where players put up their goods at a selective price, and the administration does not regulate this process, even if the prices are set at a level that is absolutely inadequate for the server’s economy.

This is a great opportunity to redeem purchased gold, simply by offering any item for a specified value.

Selling through a merchant shop

You simply seat the hero in the agreed place, and the service representative will simply redeem your lot and thereby fulfill his part of the contract.

Game mail

Many MMOs allow players to send goods and resources to each other, including for payment.

All you have to do is choose the sending method and specify the amount you want to receive for the player’s right to pick up the message.

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