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High Speed Connections: The Best Internet Service Providers Right Now

Having access to a reliable and fast internet connection is a necessity and commodity nowadays. Most people will struggle without stable internet, and it’s not just the younger generation. Even professionals and the elderly go online because of the convenience it provides in doing their regular activities.

Fortunately, there are several internet service providers (ISPs) around nowadays. The ISP industry is still continuously growing, as the demand for internet services remains profitable. On the flip side, it can be a tough choice for customers because of the shaky credibility of many providers.

Finding a credible ISP is key to having reliable internet service. Good thing there are tech reviewers who took their time to assess top internet providers in the U.S. to help customers find the right choice. Here’s what they have to say about which are the current best ISPs.

Best fiber provider: AT&T

Fiber technology is what most ISPs use nowadays because it’s currently the fastest type of internet available to man. Many ISPs advertised providing fast internet speeds with fiber but have received tons of consumer complaints because they under-delivered. Fortunately, AT&T isn’t one of them.

AT&T’s fiber internet plans have the best value. Their service costs 9 cents per megabit per second (Mbps) of download speed during a customer’s first year of usage. It increases up to 13 cents after that.

None of their plans also don’t come with contracts or data caps. In addition, their annual average cost per Mbps is lower than other fiber internet plans offered by other ISPs, with download speeds that go up to 940Mbps. Because of the great value their fiber plans have, they earn favorable reviews from numerous sites.

Best rural provider: Rise Broadband

It’s more of a struggle for rural residents to avail themselves of reliable internet service. The options are fewer because most of the best internet infrastructure is in urban areas. That’s why they have to settle with less in terms of ISPs in their location.

Rise Broadband isn’t one of those lesser ISPs in rural areas. Instead, they’re the top choice for internet connectivity in areas that can’t be reached by fiber technology. Rise has decent speeds of up to 50Mbps, has significantly higher data allowances, and doesn’t require cable connection.

Their 50Mbps is twice as fast as a satellite internet plan. Also, their unlimited data plans only cost an extra $10 per month.

Best cable internet provider: Spectrum

The next best thing to fiber internet is cable. Spectrum is an excellent choice for cable ISPs if you’re looking for one. While they aren’t as popular as their competitors, they still have wide coverage, as they offer service to more than 100 million Americans in 41 states.

Spectrum offers a max download speed of 940Mbps and an entry-level speed as high as 200Mbps, plus Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide. None of their plans include data caps or contracts, but your annual bill after will have a $25 increase. Despite that, their pricing model is straightforward and has faster speeds than the more popular cable ISPs.

Honorable mentions: Xfinity & Verizon

Xfinity offers fiber and cable internet plans. They have download speeds as high as 2,000 Mbps, but all their plans are capped at 1.2 terabytes. You can also bundle your cable TV, home security, and mobile phone data plan with their offers.

Verizon offers flexible fiber plans that come with unlimited data with no contract requirement. They’re equal and interchangeable with AT&T in terms of ISPs and fiber ISPs. However, their coverage isn’t as wide as AT&T’s.

Wrap up

These are the best ISPs in the U.S. right now. Each has offers that fit most customers’ needs and have a different value. Determine which of them is right for your household and lifestyle to get the most out of your eventual choice.

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