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After Deepti’s split, Love Is Blind’s Shake introduces new girlfriend Emily: ‘Don’t Give Up.’

After Deepti’s split, Love Is Blind’s Shake debuts a new romance.

The most divisive contestant on Love Is Blind looks to have a new girlfriend. After his breakup with Deepti, see how the unknown female has made Shake a happy man.

A year after the program completed production, the reality star seemed to have found someone special. Shake went Instagram official with someone who appears to be his girlfriend on March 17 to commemorate St. Patrick’s Day. He says, “Those who don’t resolve to get nice things.”

As he shared a carousel of photographs with a woman named Emily, he used the heart emoji. In fact, during a visit to Chicago, one of the images showed the Miami resident kissing Shake on the cheek. Even though Shake disabled comments on his page, it is challenging to get new information about the veterinarian, DJ, and use. LF-esteem coach made quite an impression on season two of The Bachelor.

After meeting, I realized that love is blind.

Vempati, Deepti.

In Second Season

Shake built a bond with participant Deepti Vempati during the second season of Love Is Blind. Before getting engaged, the two connected over their shared Indian ancestry and history of only dating white people.

The couple had issues outside of the pods, with Shake admitting that he didn’t have “an intense physical connection” with the 31-year-old. Deepti decided to leave Shake at the altar because she desired “someone who knows for sure” that they wanted to be with her.


While sparks flared following their initial face-to-face meeting, the couple soon ran into problems when Shake admitted to a friend that he didn’t think his fiancée attractive. On their wedding day, Deepti would decide not to marry Shake.


During the show’s dramatic reunion, Shake told the group that every lady on the show is lovely, but he isn’t attracted to all of them. “Unfortunately, Vanessa is the only one I’m attracted to—and I wish I weren’t,” he explained. “It’s all about nature, baby! We’re animals, after all.”

Vanessa’s husband, to put it, was not impressed. “No,” he replied, “you treat animals.” “We’re human beings, and now I know why you don’t treat people like that.”

Love Is Blind Season 2 (produced by Kinetic Content) is now available on Netflix.

Deepti currently Concerns

Deepti is currently “figuring things out” with Kyle Abrams, her co-star. Deepti told Elite Daily that “not a lot of people know that they had a close connection in the pods” and she was “struggling to chose between Shake and Kyle” after Kyle stated in the show’s reunion that his “greatest regret” was not pursuing her harder.

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