Telemedicine these days are in great demand, it’s an up-to-the-minute version of the home doctor, which people use to do back in the day. Having smartphones, tablets, and laptops in our hands it’s very expedient to approach every kind of quality medical facilities. Several cases allow the patient and physicians to have a virtual meeting through their screens. It can sometimes prove to be beneficial and sometimes it may not. Hence, it is enormously important to know the advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine which is exceedingly in demand.


Expediency: The first and the most important advantage of telemedicine is that it is accessible anywhere and everywhere. However, it might not be a good idea if one is suffering from a complex disease. But for complaints like allergies, strains, or joint pains this would certainly work. In many cases, physicians can easily understand what the sufferer might be going through. Therefore, they can provide the medical guidance that is needed. If in any case, the patient needs extra attention and care, the physicians can ask them to visit the hospital.

Saves time: Communicating with the doctor through the smartphone or tablet can save a lot of time. Medical assistance can be provided within minutes through telemedicine whereas it might take hours in the hospital. Rather than leaving everything behind and going to the doctor, it’s reasonably expedient to communicate with them through. The phone or a small video chat, not only will it save time. But also prevent the patient from being exposed to other illnesses that might be present in the hospital because of other patients.

Economical: YES! You read that right! Not only will it save time but also some money, this process is relatively inexpensive, with no long medical bills. Many insurance companies also cover telemedicine stopovers.


With so many advantages, there are always some disadvantages as well, so one has to be aware of all. Below are some disadvantages of telemedicine.

Incongruous for some patients: Assistance can be given in a certain perimeter through telemedicine. Some cases require additional care and attention, tests need to be done. Although the telemedicine service provider can arrange the testing for their patients. Some tests require visiting the hospital.

Technological anomalies: As we all know, Telemedicine appointments are directly related to technology. Anything can cause disruptions in the internet connection, maybe bad weather or loss of power, anything can be the reason. Therefore, we encourage the users to connect through a cable wire or their smartphone service providers.

Not all telemedicine service providers offer good quality, hence it’s an individual who they want to opt for. This service is also not offered by all doctors. Before getting this check the advantages and disadvantages of telemedicine services. Therefore, it important to check whether your preferred physician is on the list or not. While it’s still too early to say anything about several people are trying out. The telemedicine service and are generally interested in it. If an individual finds the right telemedicine service provider, they are undoubtedly in great hands. Because a good quality service provider will ace all their needs, at the comfort of their homes.


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