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Untitled Universal Monster Movies Abigail Release Date, Cast, Trailer, and Plot 

This horror film, directed by Untitled Universal Monster Movies Radio Silence, centers on Abigail, a small girl who is not like other kids. With their next film Abigail in 2024, Radio Silence, a directorial pair that has been dominating the horror genre in recent years, hopes to continue this trend.

With their two most recent releases, Scream (2022) and Scream VI, Radio Silence contributed to the revival of the Scream series after their breakthrough success with the critically acclaimed Ready or Not. In addition to including several other well-known actors in the ensemble, Abigail finds them reunited with one of their Scream stars. Additionally, they will be dabbling in the vampire subgenre of horror films. Let’s go further to explore more about Abigail release date, plot, trailer, and cast. 

Who is in the cast of Abigail?

Dan Stevens (Locke & Key, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes), Angus Cloud (Euphoria), William Catlett (A Thousand and One, The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey), Kathryn Newton (Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Lisa Frankenstein), and Kevin Durand (Welcome to Chippendales, Legion) are all present in the movie with Barrera.

Alisha Weir, who played Matilda in Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical, also makes an appearance in the film. In this film, she will portray a different sort of young girl. The film also stars Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian, Better Call Saul). The plot of Abigail: This is the official summary of Stephen Shields and Guy Bissick’s novel Abigail.

What is the plot of the horror movie Abigail?

“Youngsters are such little creatures. A group of would-be thieves kidnap the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a prominent underworld figure. All they need to do is keep an eye on the child overnight to get a $50 million ransom. The kidnappers in a remote home gradually lose count, and to their growing terror, they realize they’re imprisoned within with no typical young girl.”On January 11, the “Abigail” teaser was released, and it embraced a well-known horror film cliché: young females are scary. Particularly when those females are wearing tutus and have razor-sharp fangs. Go further to explore the Abigail release date and trailer.

Is there a Trailer for Abigail?

At first, the trailer plays out like a vintage heist film. An anonymous group of criminals is put together, most likely each with a unique set of abilities. Assigned to babysit Abigail (Alisha Weir) and Joey (Melissa Barrera), the two seem to get along. However, the setup is deceptive. Threateningly, Abigail continues, “I’m sorry about what’s going to happen to you.” The girl displays her incredible power and hideous teeth, and Joey drops the bombshell: “We kidnapped a f***ing vampire.”

What is the Abigail release date?

The release date of the horror movie Abigail in cinemas is April 19. It’s unknown as of right now if Abigail’s release date will apply to the US or whether it will mark the film’s global debut. The movie’s UK trailer just states “coming soon” at this moment. As further details about the film’s release schedule become available, we’ll update this page.

In Abigail, Melissa Barrera will reunite with her Scream filmmakers, portraying a kidnapper who unintentionally becomes stuck in a monster-infested mansion. Barrera was featured in Scream in addition to In the Heights, the film version of the Lin Manuel Miranda musical. This is all the information we have about the new horror movie Abigail, including its release date, cast, and available trailers.

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