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A Self-Care Guide Post-Cancer Diagnosis

Self-care is a term that is fortunately much more accessible and “out in the open” than it was just a few years ago, with many more people focused on improving their overall levels of emotional health and well-being.

After finding out from your medical doctor that you’ve unfortunately been diagnosed with cancer, the range of emotions you’ll feel will be something that you’ve never previously experienced, and as such, self-care becomes much less of an option and much more of a necessity.

With this in mind, here’s a self-care guide for post-cancer diagnosis.

Tell People on Your Terms

Now, in the immediate aftermath of finding out from your medical doctor that you have cancer, you’ll naturally be feeling a whole host of horrible, negative, and frightening emotions, which is why you must confide in your partner, a family member, or a close friend as soon as you’ve gathered your thoughts.

However, whether you choose to confide in your nearest and dearest after having just noticed lung cancer early symptoms, while making a consultation appointment, or much later down the line, it’s your diagnosis, your life, and your prerogative on whom you tell and when.

Focus on Food

You may already be aware that, not so much once you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, but once you start radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy, your appetite will change entirely, and in some cases, it may be difficult to find something that you can actually stomach.

This is why, right off the bat, a productive, positive, and genuinely helpful way of focusing your thoughts is to start experimenting with different foods in preparation for ensuring that you’re eating as nutritiously as possible when your treatment starts.

Taking care of your body physically is as important as your emotional health, with both areas as important as the other.

Be as Practical as You Can

Depending on your individual circumstances, it may well be that taking time out from work to focus on beating the disease and coming out stronger the other end, healthy, and with a renewed vigor for life will pose no potential issue.

Either way, consider the resources and professional support systems that are available to you in terms of financial support during this time.

Deal with Your Diagnosis Your Own Way

As long as your way of dealing with a cancer diagnosis isn’t locking yourself in a dark room and never coming back out again, and even though it’s true that a cancer diagnosis affects many people, not just the individual who has it, you should approach the fight in your own way.

Some suggestions for working out how you’re going to steal and prepare yourself include:

  • Sharing how you feel with trusted loved ones and professional counselors
  • Scheduling some alone time
  • Make practical lists of the pros and cons of any choice you’re tasked with making
  • Never be afraid of saying no and speaking up for yourself
  • Keeping a journal to help organize your thoughts and emotions
  • Looking for ways that help you to relax
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