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5 Careers in the Medical Industry Where You Can Make a Big Difference

Most people choose a career in the medical industry to help others. Medical professionals can help patients overcome common conditions and symptoms by learning how to diagnose and treat them. However, some medical careers require physicians to work with more at-risk populations. If you’re seeking a way to make a difference with your medical degree, consider one of the following careers:

Pediatric Physician

Pediatric physicians work specifically with children. In addition to helping children overcome certain conditions, pediatric physicians are also in a position to help parents. Many pediatric physicians claim that they feel their careers are worthwhile and meaningful. Pediatric physicians may have the opportunity to watch their patients grow up and start their own families too.

Physicians often form strong relationships with the whole family because most parents begin bringing their children to a pediatrician when they’re just newborns. Because children are born every year, pediatric physicians also enjoy good job security. Even though your patients may age out of pediatric care, there will always be more children to replace them.

Veterans Administration (VA) Physician

VA physicians work for the federal government and specifically treat veterans. This allows medical providers to give back to those who have served the country. It’s also a good opportunity for veterans to connect with other veterans. VA physicians are in a good position to help veterans at a deeper level by connecting them to other resources, like counseling or financial services.

Because a VA physician is a federal position, it typically offers good benefits, including paid time off and insurance. Research shows that job satisfaction among VA physicians is high. Additionally, job security for VA physicians is good. VA physicians can expect fair salaries based on the local cost of living.

VA physician jobs are one of the most stable careers in the healthcare industry, with an estimated 6.4% of the population being considered veterans.

Emergency Medical Care

Emergency medical care can be fast-paced and stressful, but most physicians walk away each day feeling like they have made a difference. The work can be demanding, but with that comes fulfillment. Emergency medical care physicians also get to interact with a wide range of patients of all ages, socioeconomic levels, and conditions.

Many physicians begin their careers in emergency medicine because it exposes them to many situations and experiences that can help them further their careers. Experience as an emergency medical physician can also help new doctors pad their resumes. Additionally, this can be a good area of specialization for physicians who don’t yet know what specialization they want to pursue.

Labor and Delivery Physician

When you choose to specialize in labor and delivery, you get to be a part of one of people’s most memorable moments. You get the opportunity to bring life into the world each day. You may get to assist patients with multiple children or even deliver their children’s children one day. The work environment for a labor and delivery physician can be incredibly high-paced, and no two days are likely to be the same. Labor and delivery physicians also get to come up with unique solutions for couples attempting to bring new life into the world.

Labor and delivery physicians enjoy good job security. Some employers may even cover relocation for labor and delivery doctors willing to move, especially those with specialized skills or training. Additionally, opportunities are always available for furthering education and training, specifically as it relates to labor and delivery. Some labor and delivery physicians may even decide to transition into pediatric care later.

Family Medicine Physician

If you prefer a slower-paced work environment, family medicine may be for you. Family physicians have control of their caseload and can often form deeper relationships with their patients. A family physician may get to work with the whole family, which means being there for each of their milestones.

Family medicine physicians typically focus on preventative care and rely on referrals to specialty physicians for things outside of their scope of practice. This can make a career in family medicine an excellent choice for physicians with busy lives outside of work.

Becoming a physician is a huge decision requiring many years of training and hands-on experience. In return, physicians often receive a competitive salary, good job security, and a rewarding career. Some physician specialties may make you feel more fulfilled than others. Of course, it’s important to consider your career goals, preferences, and preferred work environment when considering your career options.

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