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The Duffer Brothers Reveal Who Was Originally Killed Off in Season 4 of Stranger Things!

On occasion, what is on the page does not appear on the screen. What was altered from the Duffer Brothers’ initial Season 4 ideas is shown below.

EDITORS NOTE: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2.

On July 1, Netflix released the thrilling four-hour climax to Stranger Things Season 4, which brought with it a number of revelations, glorious triumphs, and tragic defeats. The Duffer Brothers discussed the question, “Who Was Originally Killed Off in Season 4 of Stranger Things?” The heroes of Hawkins are grieving from the most recent round of destruction dealt out from the Upside Down, from Eddie Munson’s (Joseph Quinn) brave sacrifice to Max Mayfield’s (Sadie Sink) heartbreaking fate. While the party and the public are still reeling from these two setbacks, there is one more fan favorite who was initially targeted by the storyline at the start of this season.

The Duffer Brothers discussed Who Was Originally Killed Off in Season 4 of Stranger Things!

Matt and Ross Duffer, who are the creators of the Netflix series Stranger Things, recently sat down with Steve Weintraub, the editor-in-chief of Collider, to discuss the effort that went into Season 4. What is to come in Season 5, and everything in between? You may already be aware of this, but not everything that is written down will necessarily make it onto the screen, and any creative endeavor will go through numerous revisions before the finished product is shown to the audience.


When the first two volumes of the show were released on Netflix? Weintraub made it a point to question the Duffer Brothers about whether or not there were any substantial alterations made to the story from the first script. “Did you originally plan on this season having a different ending? I’m curious to see if anything really significant was altered in this one.”

Matt Duffer was quick to reveal that there was originally supposed to be one more death in the second volume of the current season. In terms of who makes it, who survives or dies, I suppose there was a version where Dimitri, AKA Enzo, didn’t make it.” Enzo/Dimitri is the guard that Hopper (David Harbour) met while they were both imprisoned in Russia. Tom Wlaschiha plays the role of Enzo/Dimitri in the film.

Dimitri was initially a hesitant ally and an essential pawn in getting Hopper’s message to Joyce (Winona Ryder), but he quickly became a fan favorite throughout the course of Volume 1 as his friendship with Hopper grew after Yuri (Nikola Djuricko) betrayed them both. This was due to the fact that Dimitri became closer to Hopper after Yuri betrayed them both. To our great relief, Dimitri made it. And he assisted Joyce and Hopper in safely escaping from the country that was governed by the iron barrier. “Then he ended up making it, but that’s the most dramatic of a deviation from the initial notion in comparison to what we ended up with,”

When the Duffer Brothers sit down to write a new season of Stranger Things, “sticking the landing” is always the primary objective on their list of priorities. Ross Duffer explains that “for Matt and me, it plays such an important part” in the series. He then continues, expanding on how they work very carefully to set these major plot points in place right from the beginning of the story. The Duffer Brothers plan out how they want the story to conclude and then work toward achieving that plan. Ross Duffer explains how they go about their work, saying:

“So, when they’re breaking a season, one of the first things they’re talking about is, where do they want this story to end up? So, the ending is always that goalpost. Even as they’re breaking episode one, they know exactly where they’re going. They don’t think they’ve deviated truly in any season for the finale. They’ve always stuck to it; they believe the case is the same here.”

Along these similar lines, the Duffer Brothers revealed that they are already aware of how the entire series will come to a finale. The month of August is when it is expected that the writing process for the fifth and final season of Stranger Things will get underway. The complete first through fourth seasons of the show are currently available to stream in their entirety on Netflix.

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Did the Duffer brothers plan season 4 from the start?

Due to the enormous amount of content that was packed into the Upside Down this time around, Netflix and the Duffer Brothers revealed in February that they intended to split the nine episodes that comprised Season 4 into two separate volumes. They also revealed that the upcoming fifth season would be the show’s final season.

Why did the Duffer brothers not write season 4?

MATT DUFFER: We had been filming for around three to four weeks when production was abruptly halted. In a typical season, when we’ve completed four or five of the season’s screenplays, Ross and I stop working on the scripts since we’re responsible for directing the first two episodes of the season.

Is there a season 5 of Stranger Things?

Everything we know so far about the conclusion of the Stranger Things series on Netflix, which is currently in its fifth and final season. The production of the fifth season of Stranger Things has officially gotten underway. The Duffer Brothers and the rest of the creative team behind the Netflix series have begun writing the show’s concluding season.

Is Stranger Things 5 the final season?

The writing process for the final season of the Netflix series has been kicked off by the Duffer Brothers and their team. They announced the news on Twitter alongside a photo of a whiteboard that was completely blank with the exception of the logo for the upcoming Stranger Things season 5 and a second whiteboard that revealed the season would consist of a total of eight episodes.

Does Eddie die in Stranger Things 4?

Did Eddie Munson die? According to the Duffer brothers, you could say that. In a discussion that took place on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the show’s writers, creators, and directors said unequivocally that Eddie Munson has left the show and will not be returning.

Does Eddie come back to life in season 5?

Additionally, the sacrifice that Eddie makes provides a sense of resolution because it demonstrates his development after he had previously fled away and avoided danger. Due to this fact, it is not surprising that the Duffer brothers have made it abundantly apparent that Eddie will not be resurrected in the fifth season of their show.

Who Was Originally Killed Off in Season 4 of Stranger Things?

Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield, who was originally supposed to be killed off by the end of “Stranger Things.” Ross Duffer revealed this information on the “Stranger Things After Show,” and while Max does appear to die briefly before Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) revives partially, she’s still in a coma, and the showrunners ultimately decided not to kill her off.

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