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What Type of Shoes Do Healthcare Professionals Wear?

What Type of Shoes Do Healthcare Professionals Wear?

Healthcare professionals, such as doctors and nurses, perform the most challenging jobs. If you are one of them or going to start your career in this field, you might be quite aware of the time you need to spend in hospitals or around the patients.

You, as a healthcare professional, will spend the majority of your time standing and walking amongst the patients. The pain that arises from long hours of stress on your leg by standing for a long time is unbearable. Your feet start paining along with the back pain or muscle strains. To overcome these pains, you can look for Healthcare Shoes that are made for the ease of doctors and nurses.

We will look at the type of shoes that are available for such healthcare professionals to make you ready for any challenges.

Types of shoes for healthcare professionals:

Types of shoes for healthcare professionals:

Well, there are many types of shoes available in the market differing in shape, size, pattern, and designs. You can look after your choices and select the one that suits best for your uniform.

  1. Velcro Shoes:

The velcro shoes often come with an attached velcro on the strap. These are easily removable shoes, and you can tighten or loosen them as per your need. It is best for the doctors who need to attend their bed-ridden patients while also need to sit for long hours consulting the other patients.

You can remove them while you are sitting at a place and quickly wear within seconds if you need to rush in an emergency. You can find them in various patterns and colors to suit your uniforms.

  1. Orthopedic Shoes:

Orthopedic shoes are suitable for nurses or doctors who need to stand for long periods. They are highly functional and loose enough to make you feel comfortable and relaxed even after standing for long hours.

Many healthcare professionals face the problems of back pain, hips pain, and strain on the muscles that arise after standing for prolonged periods. It is necessary to find a solution to reduce this pain. To overcome this, you can look for orthopedic shoes.

They are designed in a way that you may feel functional with the ankle, foot, and knees. It also offers medical benefits for the body and stands out unique among all the other shoes. Another similar solution is to invest in inserts that specifically absorb shock when walking on hard surfaces which can really help when you are on your feet all day.

  1. Clogs:

If you want to add some trendy look to your healthcare shoes, then you can look for clogs. These are stylish shoes and most preferred among the doctors who like to keep their feet free. Clogs are comfortable yet stylish, offering you the best easiness of wearing and removing them whenever needed.

The backside of the clog is usually open with either a single strap surrounding your ankle or no strap at all. You can find various patterns, colors, and designs in clogs to suffice your needs.

  1. Lace-up Shoes:

Lace-up shoes for healthcare professionals prove to be the most elegant and stylish footwear. They provide high comfort and makes your foot secure from slippage. If you want shoes that don’t come off from your foot while you are in a rush or even when walking, then you can select the lace-up shoes.

  1. Sneakers:


Sneakers are also another option for comfortable shoes, along with a trendy look. They can be the best fit for nurses or doctors who need to walk continuously from one place to another. You can find fantastic varieties in their designs and patterns while also making it look pleasant for professional wear.

The sole of sneakers is also highly breathable to make you feel comfortable for long hours.

  1. Loafers:

Loafers are also other fashionable footwear that doesn’t break the norms of hospital ethics. They are comfortable, too, with a range of patterns and designs. The one thing that makes loafers suitable for long shifts is the soft sole and easy removability. Healthcare Nurses or doctors who like to free their foot for some time can opt for loafers. Also, they provide a better grip as they are highly enclosed.

  1. Slip-on Shoes:

Slip-on shoes are similar to loafers but differ in pattern and material. You will find these shoes with slightly cozy material that makes the foot breathable and comfortable. Also, the enclosed back make the ankles arch support and provides a better grip.

They are also flexible so that you can move quickly without bothering your feet’s muscles. You can remove them easily if you want to relax your feet even for some seconds.

Quick tips to take care of your feet:

Quick tips to take care of your feet

While you need to spend your life standing and moving among the patients, it is necessary to take care of your feet. The long 12-14 hours of shifts can count up to a walk of 2-3 miles each day. All this comes with severe pains and injuries.

It has also been found that the nurses with troubling feet often find a negative impact on their work and, in general, lead to negligence of patients. To take care of the patients, you first need to take care of your foot because you need to spend your life on them.

  1. Healthcare Never ignores the minor pain in your feet. If you feel like there’s a little cramp or some nerve pain, do take precautions to reduce it. If required, do visit a podiatrist for some consultation.
  2. Always wash your feet after you head back home from work. Make sure to wash in between the fingers too. After washing your feet, let them dry totally to protect them from fungal infection.
  3. Keep trimming your growing nails. But don’t cut them too low as it may become painful.
  4. Keep massaging your feet with coconut oil and try to put gentle pressure on nerves starting from the toe, towards your ankle. Try doing this with your thumb.
  5. You can keep your feet in warm water for 20-30 minutes every day to make them soft and healthy.
  6. Keep applying moisturizer to the feet while you are going to sleep.
  7. Keep changing your footwear every six months so that you don’t walk with shoes whose sole loosens after continuous use.

It is necessary to look after your own health when you are one of the healthcare workers. If you are comfortable, healthy and fit, then only you can look after other’s health. So we hope with this article, you are now educated with what types of shoes you can wear as a healthcare professional. And, also make sure to follow the tips to take care of your feet.

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