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8 Reasons Beans Should Be Your Favorite Legume

8 Reasons Beans Should Be Your Favorite Legume

8 Reasons Beans Should Be Your Favorite Legume

Legume Does your daily diet consist of any type of legumes? Beans are one of the popular legumes and are known as a great source of protein too. This protein helps repair and maintain body tissues. It also has vitamins, fiber, and iron that is as important to the body as well. There are many types of beans that you can choose from, for instance, soybeans, kidney beans, lima beans, red beans among others. Beans are available dry, frozen and canned. If you prefer the dry beans, you have to cook them until they are tender to eat. While the other two they are ready to eat after warming them. Also, those who prefer wax beans or green beans, get a higher nutritional value in comparison to the other three. Hence, with the above bean basics, below are more reasons why beans should be your favorite legumes.

  1. High in protein

legume Protein is important in the body. Hence everyone should eat protein-rich foods regularly. Since beans are high in amino acids that are the building blocks for protein. It is the reason why beans are rich in protein. Among all the bean types, soybeans are a complete protein as it has all the nine essential amino acids. While the other types do also have protein but not as rich as soybeans. Therefore, if you consume beans that have incomplete proteins. Combine them with other complete protein foods like dairy products, to meet your daily protein ration. Such as, eat black beans with almonds at lunch among others. Also, they are perfect for vegetarians, as well as a source of protein for their meals. They are low in saturated fat and calories compared to meat and other sources of protein. Consult with your nutritionist to know how to balance out your proteins and make sure you are getting enough of it.

It is an antioxidant


In today’s world, legume consuming foods that have antioxidants is important to fight the effects of free radicals. Hence, as beans have polyphenols that are a type of antioxidant. They will help protect the cells in the body from the free radicals that are produced during metabolism and other processes. The free radicals are damaging chemicals that cause cell damage, and as a result, they cause various diseases. Therefore, when you consume beans often it helps the body remove these radicals due to the antioxidants present. In this way, your body gets protection from diseases and you stay healthy.

  1. Has beneficial folate and fiber 

One way to incorporate beans into your diet is with a simple meal of rice and beans. Rice and beans are nutritious yet affordable. The legume folate present in beans is essential for every individual overall health. This helps make healthy red blood cells. Also, it is vital during pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects in the fetus. While the fiber as seen above helps with blood glucose, and they also help create a feeling of satisfaction and fullness so controlling your appetite. Hence, if it is a long term dietary strategy it will help prevent overeating and aid in weight loss.

Lowers risk of cancer

Lowers risk of cancer

As you choose the type of beans to add to your diet. Try as much as possible to incorporate various varieties of them often. Although they come from the same family, others are known for having more properties to others. For instance, legume black beans according to research have the highest antioxidant activity. For this reason, since beans also act as anti-inflammatory agents, they help lower the risk of cancer. Therefore, make beans your favorite legumes and prevent cancer cells from multiplying and boost your body’s immune system.

  1. Better gut health 

Beans help to have better gut health. They help increase the number of beneficial bacteria and improve intestinal function. Through this, you get protection from gut-related diseases. Once you consume the beans, they feed the good gut bacteria colonies and in return, you have a better gut system. Therefore, when you have a healthy gut, it helps in supporting your immune system, and in return, it promotes weight loss.

Reduces risk of heart attack

Reduces risk of heart attack

Not only do beans help with reducing the likely hood of dying from a heart attack, but they boost your entire heart health. Due to current lifestyles, legume many individuals are now prone to various cardiovascular problems. Therefore, to boost your heart health, choose beans to replace high-fat animal proteins. In this way, you will lower your cholesterol due to the nutrients in beans, as it is a risk factor for heart attacks and heart disease. Consume even half a cup serving of beans with rice and get the necessary nutrients for an adult’s daily requirement.

  1. Stops fatty liver 

When fats accumulate in the liver, it is known as fatty liver. This develops from high cholesterol, obesity, high blood pressure, legume among other aspects of the metabolic syndrome. To treat fatty liver, patients are advised to lose weight, reduce blood levels of fat, control blood sugars, among other things. Therefore, one way to achieve this is by adding beans to your diet to replace the high-fat animal protein for a healthier liver.

  1. Helps with diabetes and glucose metabolism

8. Helps with diabetes and glucose metabolism

Beans are vital in preventing diabetes and stabilizing blood glucose levels. Since they are high in fiber, they help lower blood glucose. Research has also shown that the high fiber in beans helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Adding a cup of legumes to your daily meals reduces blood sugar levels in comparison to those who eat more whole wheat fiber.

In conclusion, with the above benefits, beans should be a favorite legume for everyone. Although legume you have to try various types of beans to choose the one that suits you best. The protein in the beans is essentials to make new tissues, such as muscle, hair, skin, and bone. More importantly, as you increase your bean intake, do it regularly to reduce intestinal discomfort.

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