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What is Linux Reseller Hosting?

Let it be an individual or an organization; web hosting is essential for anyone in the digital market arena. In this era of web marketing, a website plays an integral role in any business’s growth. Irrespective of how big or small the company is, everyone needs a website as it is the face of their business in the online market. A web hosting service provider helps one to publish their website on the internet. Many web hosting companies provide reseller hosting services that include both Linux reseller hosting and Windows reseller hosting as per the client’s requirement at an affordable rate.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Before we move on to reseller hosting, we shall discuss web hosting. Web hosting is nothing but renting out space somewhere on a server where all the necessary files required for a website’s proper working are stored. A web hosting service provider allots that server space. When someone is about to start a new website, they need to contact a service provider who gives them a domain belonging to the server space they got assigned. When the individual or companies who own this space then rent it to small other companies or entrepreneurs, hosting this space in their label is nothing but reseller hosting. Simply put, reseller hosting allows one to host the website for their client as if they are the web hosting providers.

Here, the host creates custom plans for the clients using WHM or Web Host Manager. WHM control panel enables the host to thoroughly monitor, manage, change the domain name or even suspend the client website. Reseller hosting services are of two types; Linux and Windows reseller hosting, depending on the server operating system.

Linux Reseller Hosting 

Linux is an open-source operating system. It means the source code allows modification and redistribution of the software by anyone without issues of copyright. It makes Linux more preferable to web hosters. They need not pay for the license to use it as their server operating system because of its increased flexibility and server customization capabilities. Because of this, web hosting providers and resellers can offer a lower price for this hosting.

Linux hosting, also known as shared hosting, is immensely popular in the web hosting industry. Linux hosting uses the cPanel feature to manage the hosting platform. It has two interfaces; user interface and web host manager (WHM). Reseller hosts use the WHM interface of the cPanel to manage and monitor the accounts of their clients. Usually, the host shares the user interface of cPanel with the client to publish and manage the website, create username and email accounts, and a lot more for which they need not contact the service.

Things to watch out for when searching for a Reseller Hosting service


Compatibility is something one needs to be mindful of as it is essential for trouble-free functioning. Since Linux is open-source software, it aids one to install multiple applications. Here, running applications and update requirements can be performed without much hassle.


Establishing a web hosting business through Linux hosting is highly economical compared to other operating systems, for instance, windows. It allows one to meet all the requirements at a lower price. It enables the service provider to offer the reseller unlimited bandwidth and storage space, made available for their clients. It does not require additional charges for licensing; it promises cheap hosting.


Linux is comparatively more stable than windows. The open-source platform of Linux makes it more stable with timely updates. It can make modifications or alterations as per the client’s requirement or according to the given circumstance.


A Linux-based web host efficiently runs file types such as PHP, Pearl, Word press SQL, etc., which are commonly in use. It is specifically designed to work on these file types.

Top-notch security:

As Linux is open-source software, clients are highly concerned with the security factors. In reality, it meets standard security measures, and the discrepancies found are efficiently dealt with by developers in an open-source forum.

Reseller hosting services have become way more accessible for small-scale businesses and entrepreneurs. It helps companies focus on their products since the host takes care of the website and its efficient functioning. It is also preferable for business as unlimited Linux reseller hosting options are popular now. Cheap Linux reseller hosting services offered by companies provide the best packages from which one can choose.

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