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What is Diabetes Mellitus

This article has been designated to give a precise account of Diabetes Mellitus. Read thoroughly to know all about this distressing health issues, its types, symptoms, causes, and treatment.

What is Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes Mellitus, or simply Diabetes can be marked as a health condition in which the level of glucose in the blood keeps rising above the optimum value. There are two types of Diabetes: Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2.

For the record, the normal blood glucose level is 140 mg/dL. In case, it exceeds and remains about 200 mg/dL at least for 120 minutes then it is a sign of the occurrence of  Diabetes Maltius.

Indeed, diabetes is such a severe and distressing chronic disease that can disrupt your routine life, and thus, splits you away from your loved ones.

Diabetes Type 1

Diabetes Type 1 occurs as a result of the ill-functioning of the pancreas. In such a health condition, the body fails to produce insulin because of the resistance of the immune system against the working of the pancreas.

You must know that Insulin is a hormone responsible for the breakdown of glucose into energy, and the pancreas is what produces it. So, the impaired functioning of the pancreas fails to produce Insulin and elevates the blood glucose levels resulting in the occurrence of Diabetes Type 1.

Diabetes Type 2

In  Type 2, the body becomes resistant to the effects of insulin. Though the body produces insulin, it fails to regulate blood glucose levels.

What a Diabetic Patient Cannot Do?

If you are a diabetic patient then:

  • can not intake high glucose foods
  • can’t walk even for a mile
  • can not lift up heavyweights
  • can not stay hungry for a while
  • keep gasping while going up and downstairs
  • can not enjoy a normal routine life

Indeed, such cannot sound heart-wrenching for a diabetic patient, but unfortunately, if you are a diabetic then you have to be abided by the rules of not indulging in the above-mentioned tasks.

What You Can Do to Control Diabetes?

Such a distressing health condition demands proper rest, precautions, and preventions. Thence, you  require not to stress up yourself, consume glucose-free food and take proper medication.

You can not lower your blood glucose level just by following a perfect sugar-free diet plan without taking medication, and if you think that only medications can help to control ; there’s no need for exercise or sugar-free diet then you are mistaken again. Yes, medication, proper diet, as well as a morning walk all, are necessary for you to control mellitus.

Talking about the medication, what is the best supplement to control diabetes?

To control  all you need is something that can help your body to lower the blood sugar levels, naturally. Take account of the fact that due to the lack of Insulin, or impaired functioning of Insulin, the body stimulates certain lipids and proteins that lead to the inflammation of cells that in turn, results in the blood glucose imbalance. Thence, you need such a formula that can hinder the activation of such proteins and lipids. Click to know all about Blood Sugar Premier that can help your body to regulate the blood glucose levels.

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