How Countries Worldwide Are Fighting Covid-19 Coronavirus?



Coronavirus outbreak was critical, but now it is becoming more unsafe due to less control plus more spread around the globe as a pandemic. It is mandatory to stay at home to stay safe if you want to be protected. They say it is enhanced to stay at home instead of getting infected and staying at the hospital to wait for recovery. People are scared as it sounds scary, but the fact is the prevention is better than care. It is a must to stay at home and be on the safe side.

It is a group of viruses that may cause infection in mammals plus birds. It can be mild in some cases but gets critical if the precautions are not taken, and immunity gets weakened. Indeed, one may call it a severe infection of the respiratory tract, which may lead to death. One needs to go in isolation if found to be having Coronavirus. No doubt, it is dangerous, but taking precautions can save you and your loved ones both.


Global scenario


China was critically affected as it was the main region where Coronavirus took birth, 3000+ death toll recorded over there. The issue started from the province of Wehan in, but the smart attempts plus timely action saved them. The final decision to lock down put control over the problem in the right manner.

 Afterward, Italy was found to be more affected as they took it lightly. Later the death toll reached 5000+ in Italy due to irresponsibility towards the viral trouble. Here, people were no more interested in staying at home, so it resulted in the spread of the Coronavirus at a fast pace. Now, they also followed critical lockdown for an unlimited time, but the death toll is not stopped yet.

The USA also found to have cases, and the death toll has crossed 450+ even after taking the preventive measures. The USA did not go for lockdown yet but probably follow the plan if found to have a critical situation. American citizen seems to be in depression for the sake of life. Trump dedicated a considerable sum for protection, but still, the problem is not resolved.

Australia closed the borders at the very start, but still, here, the death toll is 15+. Although it is a low one, it is alarming. Coronavirus is severe as it multiplies the death toll at a fast pace. It never lets people take a chance; this is why Australia is quite vital in following the measures. They are a distant apart area from the land, but still, it has the virus.

India has fewer death tolls of 5+, but they are quite active in taking the precautions. They have a high recovery rate as they are quite sharp in getting rid of the trouble at a fast pace. They are on the borders of Pakistan and China, so they are also on the verge, but they are alert for being secure.

Pakistan had fewer death tolls, but currently, the death toll has crossed the limit of 750+. The recovery is slow, but still, the process is going on. Pakistani government locked down some of the provinces totally and the whole country partially. People are also aware and are cooperative with the prime minister. International borders are also on the verge of banning.

The rest of the world is more or less affected in some way. It seems that nobody is safe; only those are safer who are trying to stay at home and not to socialize in any way. Otherwise, the multiplication momentum of the virus is pretty sharp, which is not letting you think that you are the next victim to Coronavirus. 

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Lockdown – the only solution


It is said that most of the countries are failing to have control over the disease as they are unable to control the public as people are less willing to stay at home. This situation can be dangerous as the exposure of people may lead to the transmission of Coronavirus at a fast pace, one it will start spreading, and then nobody will be able to stop the menace. It will lead to behave in the manner of an overflowing river that cannot be stopped in any way.

Airport transport, land transport, and water transport are already going down. It is alerted to the people that one should stay at home. International borders are already locked down. Most of the countries are not offering international flights. Those who are offering are scanning the travelers critically to know about their medical condition regarding Coronavirus.

Awareness campaigns are running around the globe as more and more people are in trouble due to cutting down most of the contacts and disconnected for not being socializing. However, still, the situation is not under control. With every passing day, the death toll is incrementing. Only China is found to be recovering who was the first victim. It also came under a safe zone as it locked down the country zones for an extended period indeed.


Stay at home


The key to safety is to stay at home, as it is the only way out. More contact with people and exposure to the outside may lead to the critical situation and probably the victim to the Coronavirus. If you intend to stay safe, then it is mandatory to stay at home. It is a must to cooperate with the regime as it is doing it for your safety. They know more so they are requesting you to stay at home.

Better to learn from the instances of china and Italy, both showed unique examples. Italy did not take it on the severe node, and the death toll crossed a significant number, still, after lockdown the condition is not better. China, who was the father of the menace, Coronavirus, was born there, but their death toll is less than Italy because they took it on the severe note, and now they are on the road to safety.

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