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What Happened to Ned Bruha from Animal Planet’s Skunk Whisperer Show

What Happened to Ned Bruha from Animal Planet’s Skunk Whisperer Show

The name Ned Bruha may not necessarily ring a bell, but if you ever enjoyed or binge-watched the Animal Planet channel, you may be familiar with Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer. Even if you don’t exactly remember the name, we can guarantee that if you have been a fan of Animal Planet around the year 2011, you almost certainly have seen at least one episode of the show. The story of the wildlife defender from Oklahoma interested the viewers with its exciting adventures and helpful techniques for dealing with wild animals. In this article, we want to get into a bit more detail not only about Ned Bruha himself but also the general idea of wildlife rehabilitators and humane ways of dealing with wildlife.

Who is Ned Bruha?

Born in Oklahoma, Animal planet Ned Bruha started his journey with wildlife.  And getting his first control job assignment at the age of 7! At that time. He was preventing chipmunks from making their dens around gravesites. From that point on, his life became a mission to use and teach others about humane methods. Being so close to nature and wild animals from such a young age, taught Ned respect for the environment. The animals and gave him relevant knowledge that in the future he decided to share with other people. He has also been fighting against animal cruelty and has been quite vocal about it on his Twitter account.

Ned Bruha: Skunk Whisperer

The show aired in 2011 on the Animal Planet channel, showing Ned and his team’s adventures with wildlife. The camera followed those wildlife rehabilitators during humane animal removal. And presented helpful techniques for controlling wildlife issues around your own property. Animal planet shunks whisperer show was based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The viewers could see the crew dealing with anything from bats, possums, raccoons, or even mountain lions. In some episodes, we can see Ned and his crew evicting wild animals from suburban homes. And we observe them dealing with a wild goose chase. The show offers not only helpful advice but also a lot of humor and laughter!


Animal planet shunks whisperer show

Although Ned Bruha doesn’t seem like a social media persona. And there is not much information about his private life available. It seems like nowadays he still gives all his heart to wildlife. He is operating The animal planet Wildlife Whisperer Wildlife Control that offers humane wildlife control services in southern Florida. Their website also presents a lot of educational material such as articles on prevention methods, safety, or damage control.

Wildlife rehabilitators

Organizations such as not only offer a service of removing animals from your property but more importantly, educate people about those animals. They also aid us in understanding why it’s crucial to treat wildlife with respect and deal with wild animals in a humane way.

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