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Week twenty-third is developing your baby progressively!

Twenty-third week of pregnancy is holding high support for the baby. The previous week has gone with all the issues it had, and now the new week is talking about the new things. It is linked with the support system and set up of the mother and the baby in proper modification.

How does the baby look in The twenty-third week of pregnancy?

The baby is modifying it in proper shape with the increase of size. He/she is quite happy in promoting the size in addition to proper and timely development of so many features. The promising outlook is successful in generating the real shape of the baby.

The probable and active changes during Twenty-third week of pregnancy that you love to see in your baby are here for your interest. They are:

1.     Hearing

You will be surprised to know that your baby can hear you. He/she is potential to listen to your voice. He/she is potential to catch the voices that are outside and around him/her. It might be a song, a tune, a situation or whatever is there.

He/she will be focusing on the voices. He/she might identify the voice of his/her mom. The mother’s voice is the loveliest sound for him/her. It is solacing and comforting for him/her in all regards. So, you may talk to your junior, as he/she is listening to you!

2.     Shut eyes

Now, the baby’s eye development is going on. It is lovely to see that the eyes can be opened and shut by and by. It is a new phenomenon for the kid. Probably it is a kind of exercise for the kid. He/she is enjoying the task.

3.     Rotating

The baby is capable of moving itself around. It is the sort of energy that is inside the baby. It is the sign of a healthy baby that it is rotating and moving. The movements are so potent that the mother could trace the moves.

Further, the movements will be an upside, downside and rotating ones. The most popular ones are the rotating ones, it happens very less. Still, they are important for adjustment of the position and setting for the baby in the uterus space available to the baby.

Time to review your diet and work plan

It is the right time to review your diet as it is the time when the changes in the body might be creating some temporary diseases like blood pressure, hypertension and pains. So it is mandatory to work on your diet plans.

The essential considerations are:

  • It is important to see the percentage of salt in your food intake. The salt content may lead to the high blood pressure so reconsider your salt intake to manage the level of blood pressure and hypertension control too.
  • Fruits and vegetables are a great support to the eating chart. But it is also important to plan to eat the right level of material properly washed underwater.
  • Avoid the spices and pickles as they may cause the heartburn. If you want to keep the stomach doing better, then try to avoid the high percentage of spicy food items.
  • Keep an eye on the hygiene and cleanliness setup because it is essential for baby growth. It is not a good idea to go for bad hygiene practices.
  • Don’t go for the raw or under-cooked meat items. If you are taking meat, it is essential to cook it in better form.
  • The meat is a good addition but try to prefer white meat over red meat. The white meat and seafood are helpful for the growth of the baby properly.
  • Be careful if you have some issues with a specific kind of food. Food poisoning and diarrhoea can be accountable for abortion at this time.
  • Maintain the level of water in your body. It is exactly promising in properly running the body system. The water supports the flow of materials to and from the fetus.

My View about The twenty-third week of pregnancy

It is essential to follow the right level of food during twenty-third week of pregnancy. It is also important to consider your routine and work plans. The more you care, the more you feel better. It is your support to a better time in pregnancy.


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