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Treating anxiety with CBD oil

CBD has left people in wonder after knowing its uses in almost every field. CBD oil is the most favorable treatment for dealing with anxiety. Many people use CBD for their skin and other problems because it has a soothing effect. CBD can also treat more sensitive conditions like depression and anxiety. There is a marijuana plant named cannabidiol, found naturally, used in many processes. Many countries have legalized the use and availability of marijuana. Many famous and growing companies are using CBD oil in their products to enhance the effect of the product. CBD for anxiety is a natural remedy. A person does not feel high when he does intake CBD, unlike THC, which is also found in marijuana. The consumption of THC produces high.

Uses of CBD oil:

All CBD oil company units are working to deliver the best CBD oil because of its benefits. When the Anxiety and Depression Association of America did a survey in the US, they were amazed to see that 18% of the population shows depression and anxiety symptoms each year. Doctors treat anxiety disorders with psychotherapy, proper medication, or maybe a combination of these two. While most people tend to treat anxiety and depression with CBD oil in an early stage. Regarding this, research also conducted in 2018. The article Cannabis and Cannabinoid showed that 62% of the patients that had depression, anxiety, and pain treated themselves with CBD and noticed cure. Because there are not so much researches did on CBD. Doctors are not well aware of the uses of CBD. Hence; CBD does not add to most of the treatment. Our body has the hormone serotonin which has involved in anxiety regulation. Cannabidiol goes towards where the receptors of serotonin are present and start working. Serotonin starts releasing itself and reduces depression and anxiety. Serotonin is related to happiness, and when you have more serotonin in your body, you are happier.

Researches did on CBD usage:

Till now, most of the researches has done on animals to see the effects of CBD. In 2015, the journal Neurotherapeutics published a report. In the report, the scientist observed that CBD oil treats acute conditions like panic disorder, anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. After all the researches completed regarding CBD oil. There is a lack of test of clinical trials to observe its effects and CBD does not use; the way it should use.

People suffering from social anxiety use CBD products to treat the disorder naturally. Regarding this, an experiment did; where almost 24 people who had social anxiety disorder took 600mg of CBD nearly an hour before public speaking. On the other hand, 12 more people who were from social anxiety disorder spoke publicly with no intake of the CBD. Scientists observed that people who took CBD before speaking had a reduced level of anxiety when they were speaking. On the other hand, other people had the same level of stress as they had before. Later, the 12 people also started taking CBD to reduce their anxiety and depression levels.

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