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Choosing a donor advised funds

Donor advised funds have become popular, especially in recent years. People have opted for donor advised funds because of their services, enabling donating to be an easy straight forward process. They accommodate both small and big donors. If you are looking forward to doing charity work, then you should join a donor advised fund.

There are many donor advised funds, and you need to learn how to choose the one that will suit you best. When selecting a donor advised fund, you should always look at the following details;

Amount of money for start-up

The minimum amount of money that you deposit in an account varies from one donor advised fund to another. It is an important consideration to look at and consider. If you cannot afford to raise the initial amount of a certain donor-advised fund, look for DAF to accept lower amounts of starting.

Ensure that you also look at the minimum ongoing contributions. Always look for a DAF with minimum requirements that are fit for you and within your budget.

Succession provisions

Every donor fund has its provisions about succession. The best DAFs provide a variety of rules to choose from and obtain the best succession plan. Always be aware of succession plans and adopt the best provision to suit your needs.


You cannot visit all the donor advised funds to check the quality of their services as it will be exhausting and take a long time. The best way to the quality of services offered in any DAF is to look at the reviews. Positive reviews mean that the donor advised fund is good for you.

Accepted assets

Contributions are not only made in the form of money but also in types of assets. It would help if you considered what you have to offer, be it real estate or even stocks. Consider whether the donor advised fund accepts the assets you have and the minimum requirements.

Administrative fees

They are fees required by the donor advised funds when you open an account. The prices cater to services such as accounting and legal services. Different DAFs have different amounts of administrative fees. Choose a DAF that will charge fairly for the services they provide.

Granting limitations

Some donor advised funds may have limitations of granting. They DAFs might not offer grants for certain charities and may limit the gifts offered. It may inconvenience you as a philanthropist who is looking forward to helping in certain charity activities.

Online access

The donor advised funds have found ways in which you can access your account online. It is good to have a DAF that has online access. It will help you monitor your account and even make grant recommendations from the comfort of your home.

Bottom line

The donor advised funds are different, and they operate with various provisions. They have some similarities, and all counts are very advantageous. Choosing a donor advised fund is essential to ensure that the rules and costs favor you. The best donor advised fund will provide a good experience as you do charity work.

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