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Things You Should Learn About King-Size Fitted Sheets

Things You Should Learn About King-Size Fitted Sheets

Do you feel confused when shopping for your king size bed sheets? And is it tough to decide whether you need a fitted sheet of the flat sheet? Should you buy both of them or can you use only one? What difference will they make if you use both sheets at a time or use only one of them? Well, all these questions pop up in mind when shopping for your beddings.

Most of all, the variety of designs, types, sizes, and styles confuse you.  So it all becomes very confusing when making the right purchase because you design your bed for design and comfort and you need to keep both factors in mind when shopping. Let’s have a look at how a fitted sheet can help you get comfort? The king size fitted sheets keep your king size mattress safe from dust mists and stains and also protect our skin against the skin irritants.

King-size Fitted Bed Sheets

Before going to king-size fitted bed sheets, let’s talk about the fitted bed sheets first. Fit  sheets can be refere to as mattress clothes. They are meant to fit tightly on your mattress and do not come off when the bed is in use. They also prevent the slipping of the mattress. The fitted sheets have elastic bands on all the corners that are used for fitting and keeping the sheets in place. In short, the fitted sheets are used for the protection of the mattress and providing a smooth surface for comfortable sleep.

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Protection of the mattress

King size fitted sheets protect your king size mattress from dirt mists, liquid spillage, and wear and tear. They also keep your expensive king-size mattress safe from body fluids, foods, and rips, which makes it last longer.

Smooth Sleeping Surface

This fitted sheet keeps your mattress safe and makes it more comfortable for sleeping. The fitted sheet provides coziness and warmth which is necessary for a sound sleep. It makes the surface of the bed smooth, soft, and wrinkle-free as well.

Easy to handle and manage

The fitted sheets are easy to remove and put on. This easy removal of the fitted sheet makes it easier for laundry. You simply need to pluck one of the corners of it and pull it, and it will come off immediately. Most of the fitted sheets can be washed easily by any washing machine and need no extra care like expensive dry cleaning and softeners.

How to Put on King Size Beds Fitted Sheets?

For a nicely made bed, it is necessary to put on both the flat sheets and fitted sheets properly. Putting on a fitted sheet on a king-sized bed is the same as for ordinary beds and is a matter of minutes. It does not require any training of professionals, but it does need a helper.

Step 1: spread the king-sized fitted sheet over your king size mattress. Do not try to spread the fitted sheet flat on the mattress because it has elastic on the edges which hinders the flat spread.

Step 2: find out the tag which sew inside one of the corners. Keep this labeled side on the bottom right side of the mattress.

Step 3: Tuck all corners under the mattress from all sides. Make sure that the elastic on all the edges have tucked down.

How to buy the right king-sized fitted sheets?

The fitted sheets were first introduced in the late 90s & gained popularity at once. From that time to the present, they have been used extensively. The king size fitted sheets are available in many varieties, all differ in fabric material, sizes, and styles. Therefore, it is very important to buy the right-sized and most suitable fitted sheet for your king-size mattress.

So, before buying the fitted sheet, you must know the measurements of your mattress. The measurements refer to the length, width, and height of the mattress. Always read the tag before buying to confirm the size and the fabric material of the fitted sheet. Buy the fitted sheets from a trusted retailer or online store only.