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The wardrobe essentials for this wedding season

Every wedding season brings a spurt of excitement amongst those who love to shop. Every season has different trending designs, colours, and patterns. Jewelry is always a point of comparison and a status symbol. There are many types of jewelry you may have during the wedding season, and it can be tough to stand out amongst a sea of decked-up people. Here are some essentials you can add to your wardrobe to stand out.

The necklace and chokers

Chokers are making a comeback in a big way. If you are not a choker fan, there are plenty of options in the necklace section that you can pick from. They start from a single string and can go up to multiple layered necklaces. If you want to enjoy a good variety of necklaces, you can start with gold and then explore diamonds, and move on to other precious stones. Chokers are great for every type of clothing and all styles of traditional dresses.

Evergreen earrings

You can start looking for earrings for women from small diamond studs to overstated cocktail earrings. Gold and diamonds have trendier designs and you need not stick to the conventional designs that used to be available. You can jazz up your Indo-western outfits with some elegant and chunky earrings. As a rule, if you are skipping a neckpiece, then you can definitely make it up with flashy earrings. If you are a fan of dainty earrings, you can indulge yourself in a ton of pretty designs.

Dazzling bracelets

A good bracelet can dramatically change your outfit. A lovely and intricate design can be a good bracelet with a traditional outfit as well as a western one. If you want a good mix of both, you can start with something simpler like a floral design. There are some motifs that fit well in every kind of outfit. Floral and geometric are the ones that look great paired with any kind of pattern. Stacked bracelets look great and you can include a little of everything you love starting from golden ones to tennis bracelets.

Lovely bangles

Bangles are a mandatory piece of jewelry for any occasion. These can look great and also make your complete look much better. They ensure the flow is not disrupted and there is no blank space from your neckpiece down to your finger rings. Bangles, although a traditional concept, can be styled to look modern and classy. You can pair bangles with a watch or even your smart watch in the same hand to give it a good look. Bangles need not be matching. Just like bracelets, you can choose stacked bangles of different designs, colours, and patterns to keep your accessories game on point.

Captivating rings

Rings have become more than an expression of love and commitment. They have become a symbol of class and style and you can take your pick from a simple band to a blooming cocktail ring. You can try a large ring or you can try finger sleeves on multiple fingers as well. You can never go wrong with golden or diamond rings for any occasion. If you want to experiment with other precious stones, you can start by matching colors with your outfits!

The wedding season is a time of fun and laughter with family across the country. If you want to put your best foot forward every time, these are some things you can add to your wardrobe and shine brighter.

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