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About Storage West: The Storage Facility that you need

Storage West was established in 1978 to satisfy the requirement for first-class storage facilities. We are distinctive in our location in the West of the United States. We think that the West is a terrific area for business and living. Our objective is to ensure that people and companies can keep their goods clean, safe, and secure.

Why need storage facilities

Space is valuable for enterprises. In the previous several years, when you rent commercial property, you undoubtedly saw your rent proliferating. This rental boom is occurring throughout the country, with the most significant rises on the west coast. Extending your workplace to accommodate storage does not make economically intelligent use of a limited inventory of space available.

You might need to hire a storage unit to address your space problem. There are several advantages to rent space in a warehouse.

Cost Minimal

The cost per square foot is typically far cheaper than the costs of commercial properties.

Small Leasing

Commercial Immobilize typically demands rental duration ranging from one to five years. Our storage isn’t so. All of our facilities offer month-by-month rental alternatives at West Coast Self-Storage. Moreover, there is no deposit or rent to cope with last month.


There is no payment for heat or lights, unlike in commercially lent houses.

What kind of rental storage companies need?

The reality is that most companies need storage at some time. Some of the most popular storage required by companies are:

  • Home Constructors/Contractors – Instead of keeping those products in trucks or on-site, the storage containers are beautiful solutions to store particular objects properly. In addition, renting a strategically placed storage facilitates more straightforward access from and to a workplace with your equipment.
  • Realtors — Professional immobilizers generally have several promotional things to keep, such as yard signs. Your garage will remain clear of this publicity confusion with a bit of storage device.
  • Pharma or other Medical Field Representatives – You are likely to have a stable, climate-controlled area to keep your pharmaceutical samples or stock if you are in the pharmaceutical or medical goods sector.
  • Retail Businesses – Retailers frequently have limited inventory storage. The problem can be solved with a neighboring storage facility.
  • Accountants/CPAs – These professionals require a safe way to keep customer files. We provide three protective levels with 24-hour digital video surveillance, unique access to pin code input, and cylindrical locks. Many of our apartments are additionally alerted by additional safety.
  • Restaurants – Most restaurants do not have much additional storage space for items like documentation and files. See how Marination stores its data using West Coast Self-Storage.
  • Equipment rental companies– Our easy- to reach drive-up storage boxes can store extra rental items. With the extended access time, it is easy if you have to hire these parts of equipment.
  • Book Publishers – Overcup Press maintains its surplus inventory in a self-storage unit operated on the West Coast. On our blog, read about Overcup Press.

These are only a handful of the various sorts of businesses that can lease a storeroom. Please select the West Coast Self-Storage facility nearest you if you are contemplating or want a solution to your business storage difficulties. Our shop managers have years’ experience working with companies to assist them in meeting their storage requirements and be pleased to present them.


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