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The Gaylord Box Exchange & Generics

You probably did not hear of a Gaylord box if you didn’t work in a warehouse, in shipping, in factories, or at a recycling yard.

The Gaylord box is a big bulk box on something like a pallet used for storing and transporting bulk quantity, also known as a bulk box, bulk bin, skid box, pallet box, Octabin PM80, and, recently, an HPL 41.

The Gaylord Container Company, St Louis, first introduced the word. For any enormous palletized bowl, “Gaylord” has become a generic title. Throughout the years, Gaylord’s has evolved and has developed into a variety of forms and dimensions. Still, this palletized box is called a Gaylord box in the shipping, recycling, and fabrication sectors.

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How are boxes made at Gaylord?

Gaylord boxes are manufactured from brown Kraft paper corrugated cardboard. This material is light, rugged, yet resistant to bursts, splits, and tears. There are three pieces of Kraft paper formed out of a cardboard sheet. One component is squeezed and stuck between two others into a corrugated carton during the manufacturing process. Gaylord commonly sticks together multiple layers, depending on the thickness of the wall necessary. After the carton is finished, it is cut into boxes and folded.

The boxes are long-lasting and resistant to impact and damage. They may be pretty significant, and most Gaylords now have double walls to six walls in thickness. They are pretty huge.

Others have tops and bottoms such as a conventional box; many have open tops, certain are rectangular, some are square, others are octagon-like, others have complete bases, others have slipped. Some have no bottoms and tray bottoms. Some have trousers in them to let fruit and vegetables breathe, while some have fluids. Size and form are not necessary; they are still known as Gaylord boxes.


Many producers, carriers, distributors, and recyclers utilize Gaylord boxes. The bulk goods are being shipped and stored. Some of the heavy-duty boxes can be up to 3000 lbs. In the recycling business, they are utilized to retain and shipment metals, electronic recycling, plastic, rubber, waste paper, and demolition materials.

The food producers employ these substances like sugar, salt, meal, and milk powder for shipment and storage. Other food makers will also use them to stock grains, oat, pasta, cereal, bread crumbs, herbs, and herbs.

It will contain almost anything you put into these boxes. You can stack them in a warehouse or trailer. Some warehouses are packed with four high stuff. Sometimes Gaylords are used numerous times before being recycled. You may fold it and stack it carefully and store it in a warehouse or trailer.


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