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The Magical Series: The lord of the rings the fellowship of ring

The lord of the rings is a trilogy of films based on the book the lord of the rings by British author j.r.r Tolkien in the 1950s. Peter Jacksonis the dierector of the three series. The story is adapted from the novel the lord of the rings and the appendices the lord of the rings.

The story tells about the hobbit Frodo, whose uncle Bilbo is the owner of the one ring. A dark lord called Sauron wants to get hold of the ring in order to subjugate all the free people including elves and dwarves. Frodo and the fellowship of the ring (made up of the wizard Gandalf and the dwarves Boromir, Legolas, Pippin, and merry) must destroy the ring in the fires where it was created. The ring has the power to make the wearer invisible.

Lord of the rings shadow of war

This game is the sequel to the lord of the rings the shadow of Mordor. The fellowship travels through the mines of Moria to destroy the one ring in the fires of mount doom. They meet Gollum who tries to steal the ring but Frodo then falls into the lair of the giant spider Shelob. Sam saves Frodo then the fellowship enters the elves’ kingdom where the ring is destroyed.

Frodo is the main protagonist who goes on an epic journey to destroy the ring he entrusts with by his uncle Bilbo. He shows great courage throughout the movie and sacrifices himself for the good of middle earth. The fellowship makes up of 8 people . During the journey, the fellowship is broken as Sauron attacks them.

What is the plot of the fellowship?

Lord of the ring is the storyline of the fellowship that has to destroy the ring in mount doom the story starts when the hobbit Frodo s Baggins becomes the one who must carry the ring. The most interesting part about this movie is its effects, because it takes place on another planet, for example, they use horses called pony and the hobbit. The hobbits always eat the bread called the shire.

This is an article about a trilogy consisting of three movies: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001), The Two Towers (2002), and the Return of the King (2003).

The lord of the Rings 1 is the first part of the epic film that is releases on December 19, 2001, and is based on the book the fellowship of the ring. Lord of the rings 2 follows the fellowship after they escape the mines of mithril. Frodo and Sam continue to go with Gandalf towards mount doom. The other members go back towards the shire to deal with the remaining evils there. It is the best sequel in the series. In the second installment, two towers follow Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas as they go to rescue Merry and pippin that are being held captive by the Uruk-hai. The lord of the rings 3 continues the split fellowship of the previous installment.

Is Gandalf the Grey and white the same person?

Gandalf gray and white is the same person. “Gandalf the white the grey is the wizard the spirit, the tall the old, the gray the white great Gandalf is shown as a powerful wizard.” Who can do many magical things including waking the dead and fighting the dark lord Sauron? Legolas the elf helps Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Gimli on their journey to destroy the ring. He is the prince of the woodland realm and is the son of the lord king. He shows incredible strength, speed, agility throughout the movie showing that he is the best archer in the world of middle-earth.

Gandalf the white the grey is the wizard the spirit

Did Frodo Know Boromir Died? The Truth about Boromir’s Death

Sean bean made him the most popular for the return of the king. He plays Boromir who tries to take the ring from Frodo. The character dies in this movie but does not give up on trying to get the ring, even though it would cost his life. It’s just a very sad moment, Frodo know Boromir was going to die? In this article, we will take a look at what really happened when Boromir died and whether or not Frodo had any idea it was going to happen.

Frodo seems to be very surprising when Boromir tells him about the ring. He doesn’t seem like he knows what Boromir is talking about at all. Another clue is that Frodo seems to distance himself from Boromir after he tells him about the ring. He doesn’t want to talk to him anymore and he seems like he’s in shock. This could be because Frodo knows Boromir is going to die and he’s trying to prepare himself for it.

It is a complete shock to everyone. He is just been trying to help Frodo and Sam, and he ends up killed. It’s understandable that Frodo would feel guilty about it. There is no evidence that Frodo knew anything about Boromir’s death before it happens, but some people still think he might have had a feeling.

Gandalf the white the grey is the wizard the spirit

Hugo weaving plays the character Elrond in the lord of the rings trilogy. he helps the fellowship of the ring destroys Sauron. The love interest of the elves Silivren penna Mirkwood. It becomes queen to the elves and proves her loyalty to middle earth. She also sacrifices herself for the good of the fellowship of the ring.

How long is the Fellowship of the Ring extended edition?

The Fellowship of the ring is the first installment of the extended edition. It adds a lot more to the original movie. The return of the king extended edition of part 2. It has many important scenes that were missing. The two towers extended edition is the sequel to the fellowship of the ring.

The dark lord Sauron creats to be the ruler of all evil and the fellowship of the ring. Gandalf tries to help Frodo by protecting him from Sauron’s forces and is always one step behind the fellowship of the ring. The rise of the king is the final installment in the rings series. This movie is based on the epic high fantasy novel the lord of the rings by J.R.R Tolkien.

This movie is the prequel of the return of the king. The war of the Rohirrim the lord of the rings the two towers. The movie shows the battle between the men, elves, and the riders of Rohan against the orcs who are fighting to destroy the kingdom of Rohan.

Legolas is the elf who joins the fellowship that Orlando Bloom plays and he is the son of the elven king.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – Title Announcement | Prime Video

The new age “Lord of the rings” going to start on Sep 2, 2022. The Trailer of the film is releases on Jan 19, 2022.


The lord of the rings is the best ever movie in the world. I recommend you to watch this movie because it leaves a long impression on your mind and soul.

The final installment in the trilogy is created to show that evil can be defeated by an ordinary person. This movie has a very complicated plot and it consists of a lot of symbolism. A lot of symbolism and the theme that with the one ring to rule them all. A good will always prevail over evil the lord of the rings the return of the king. The lord of the rings has won many prizes.

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