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RockstarRican Releases His Highly Anticipated Single “Talk Too Much”

Music lovers love new tunes and melodies so that you can see the majority of the people making music. However, music creation is not an easy thing. People who have a real passion for music can do this job without any hassle. They can create new things, melodies, music, and tunes since they love it. Here, we are talking about RockstarRican is a rising rapper from Virginia. For all the successful artists who want to make their name in the music industry, it is not simple to make space in the industry.

In 2021, the music, which is already broadcasting on media, social media, online stages, Spotify, is a strong start for all the music forms coming this season. While the roster for the first quarter is very impressive, with its star-playing and fascinating music, RockstarRican has produced the most entertaining catastrophe. Most dramatic events seldom measure up to their hypothesis. His track was, therefore, a pleasant exception to the typical music in the industry, which had ultimately caused the loss of interest of all the audience sitting around their screens.

The music industry is remarkably tough to break into with companies such as EMI and Sony receiving an avalanche of demos from up and coming every day. RockstarRican, Romique Thompson, AKA is well-aware of the fact how to knock on the doors to make himself recognized in the music world. For the newcomers, it is not simple and easy to make a name in an industry that is already filled with plenty of stars. He has released his single titled Like This boasting 1RichVelly, making him a name to watch out for sure.

Talk Too Much - RockstarRican-newscase


RockstarRican is an upcoming rapper in the music industry with Thrive Global Family. At the age of just 19 years, he wanted to make his name in the rapping form of music. At the studio, with his friends, he used to spend his time making music and doing more and more creations. It was his passion because he felt music is running in his body like blood. For him, music is always very special him. Music assists him in expressing his emotions and feelings. He takes music as a form of expression. Therefore, he uses it to describe his feelings in his music creations. You can access him on

He took a start by rapping in 2016 and he is doing it till the end of 2019. His latest single titled Fake has been released then. It was produced by Nic Colombo and this was the start of his music career. You can access all his latest and old music creations and other tracks on Spotify, online, Youtube, and other platforms. For all his fans and followers, he is always available online and on Instagram. His efforts have made him a star in the music industry. He is working with the best of his music creations. All the music tracks are highly dynamic and people of all ages love his music.

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