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Spreadsheets Guide: How to Convert Excel to PDF to Resolve Formatting Issues

Microsoft Excel, as the most used spreadsheet program for digital users, provides a ton of features. One of the most vital features includes constructing detailed charts and visually appealing tables that fully express your data. However, when you share XLS files with other people, it encounters an issue of your data not being viewed the way you intended it.

The main reason for it is because some Excel viewing software will display your content diversely. On the other hand, PDF is a universal file format that digital users can view on any device type. Converting your XLS copies to PDFs is the ideal solution in this situation. Here are a few reasons why turning Excel to PDF is the easiest way to solve your formatting problems.

Why Is It Necessary to Convert Excel to PDF?

Converting spreadsheets to PDF documents has a range of advantages. The first one is document security. Documents such as budget planning files, invoices, and financial reports incorporate sensitive details. Converting these sensitive files from Excel to PDF permits you to apply password protection to restrict permission from unwanted access.

Moreover, other critical aspects also include mobile compatibility and universal display. One of the key elements of the PDF format is its universality. Regardless of which operating system or device you employ, the content’s layout will remain the same. That’s why converting Excel to PDF is a great idea, as you can view the reports and charts as intended.

How to Save Excel Documents as PDF Files: A GoGoPDF Guide

Converting your spreadsheets to PDF files is the best way to present numeric data and complicated figures in a clear and appealing format. Of course, an online converter tool like GoGoPDF will be your first option for converting Excel documents to PDF. Furthermore, GoGoPDF has no system or device limitations, easily accessible and convenient to use.

Here are the steps for transforming your spreadsheet into a printable and presentable PDF document in detail. Quick note: The mentioned steps only follow four instructions, making it much easier for you to complete online processes without getting lost along the way.

  1. On your Excel workbook, pick out the sheets or ranges you want to convert to a portable document format file. For quicker upload, drag the spreadsheets and drop them on the box provided on the server. You can also upload multiple spreadsheets at one time.
  2. Once you transmit the Excel documents, GoGoPDF will now begin converting your XLS or XLSX file to a PDF format.
  3. In a minute or so, your newly-formatted portable document is ready for download. Keep in mind that it depends upon the stability of your internet connection and the file size of your spreadsheets.
  4. When the conversion process is finalized, there will be a download link available for you to use. Quickly hit the “Download” button to save the created PDF file, or you can also type a filename and specify a location for the PDF file to be stored.

Showcase Your Data in a Professional Way

Presenting unorganized spreadsheets to a specific organization may be seen as unprofessional. While Excel is an incredible tool for collecting data, it can be overwhelming when introduced to a group of people. With that, converting Excel spreadsheets to PDFs can help audiences understand the contents more quickly because it displays a neat and comprehensive look similar to how you wanted your presentation to be viewed.

Privacy Safety & Feature Limitations in GoGoPDF

Most online tool providers demand you to test complex assets, making it a complicated and confusing setup. Yet, with the assistance of GoGoPDF, you will never be asked to try complex processes as they have developed a user-friendly interface. Indeed, GoGoPDF has a lot to offer, for example, ensuring that users have the best experience of availing their services.

Besides that, the most excellent point of GoGoPDF is its high level of security. The website assures you that all information being exchanged on their system will not be manipulated as the platform will automatically remove all forwarded files after an hour. When using online resources and applications, it’s necessary to evaluate your protection and privacy first.


By the time you get to this section of the post, you have already figured out how to convert Excel spreadsheets to portable document format files. Of course, it is clear to notice that without the assistance of GoGoPDF, the process will not be possible. So, for all of your file-related problems, GoGoPDF is just a click away from resolving your PDF issues.

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