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Saw X Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Need to Know!

Jigsaw’s elaborate trap-based murder spree continues after his death, as Saw X brings the series to double digits.

The Saw X release date is theatrically scheduled to take place in the United States on September 29, 2023, under the distribution of Lionsgate Films. The initial scheduled release date for the film was October 27, 2023.

Is there anything worse than a psychopath with a justification for their actions? In Saw X, the next edition of the wildly popular Saw series, Jigsaw returns as the sadistic serial murderer, self-appointed guardian of moral norms, and architect of the most devious escape rooms known to man. Who knows what kind of torment Jigsaw’s new victims will experience, given that their punishments will be tailored to the moral transgressions they have committed?

The first theatrical trailer for Saw X was released in July of 2023, making it the most current piece of Saw X-related news. The first Saw X teaser revealed a ton of information about the upcoming Saw movie, including who Jigsaw’s victims will be and why he is targeting them. The revelation that there are patients in Mexico receiving experimental therapy follows the news that John Kramer has cancer.

He puts his faith in them, but he quickly finds out that the treatment they performed on him was a hoax and that they were just after his money. Because of this, John is forced to set up fresh traps for them, and his helper Amanda kidnaps each of them so that the games can start all over again. They are all set to learn an important and terrible lesson when the Saw X release date in September comes around, as John indicated in the Saw X teaser that this is not just revenge but a reawakening for the scam artists.

The forthcoming release of Saw X this autumn will provide valuable insights into the audience’s level of satisfaction or need for more content. The Saw film franchise is recognized for its utilization of overlapping timelines. However, it is observed that the timeline of Saw X is positioned between the initial Saw and Saw II.

Notably, this film marks the thrilling reappearance of Tobin Bell as John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw. Furthermore, there is a potential inclination towards a return to the more credible, character-focused, and intellectually astute narrative style that characterized the earlier Saw films. Continue reading to discover all the current information available in the aforementioned picture.

Who is making Saw X?

With only a week left until Jigsaw’s return to theaters, a new featurette has arrived online, providing a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Saw X.

Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg wrote the screenplay for the upcoming American horror movie Saw X, which Kevin Greutert is also directing and editing. The film in question is the tenth edition in the Saw film series, functioning as both a direct sequel to the first Saw film released in 2004 and a precursor to Saw II, which was released in 2005.

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When Is Saw X Coming Out?

The date that has been established for the Saw X release date is September 29, 2023. This puts it in line with the other Saw releases, which typically occur around the time that Halloween rolls around. Saw X is scheduled to make its premiere in theaters, although it is still unknown which online streaming platform the film will finally be made available on.

The announcement that the shooting of Saw X had finally come to an end in February of 2023 was received. Josh Stolberg, the author of Saw X, posted the information on his Twitter account along with a contest to win a genuine circular saw with Tobin Bell’s signature. According to reports, shooting on Saw X started in October 2022 in Mexico City, and by February 2023, the production had been completed in its entirety.

The confirmation of X being in production with Twisted Pictures was reported in April 2021. The screenwriters of Jigsaw and Spiral, Josh Stolberg and Peter Goldfinger, have officially verified the completion of the script for Saw X in December 2021. In August 2022, Kevin Greutert, the director of Saw VI, was officially announced as the director of Saw X. Shortly afterward, it was disclosed that Tobin Bell would be returning to portray the character of John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw, in this installment. The narrative of Saw X is set chronologically between the events of the first and second Saw films.

The Story of Saw X

saw x jigsaw john kramer
Saw X Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Need to Know! 4

The story of Saw X has at long last been revealed. Instead of a sequel that takes place after Jigsaw or Spiral: From the Book of Saw, the tale of Saw X takes place between the first and second Saw movies and serves as a prologue to many of the other films in the Saw series. In the first film of the Saw franchise, Jigsaw was introduced for the first time, and the film followed two men as they were coerced into making poor choices by being forced to confront the demons of their past.

In subsequent installments of the series, however, fans found that Jigsaw was really a guy called John Kramer who was battling cancer at the time. This time period will get more attention in Saw X, which will help round out John Kramer’s narrative and fill in some gaps.

The story of Saw X is going to revolve entirely around this topic. When John finds out there is a potentially life-saving but high-risk medical treatment in Saw X that takes place between Saw and Saw II, he decides to go to Mexico in order to undergo it. However, after he arrives in Mexico, he starts the therapy, only to find out when he comes back to the United States that it isn’t effective at all.

It was all a con to take advantage of the most defenseless members of society, namely those who were dying and had no other options. Because of this, John decides to play the part of Jigsaw against these individuals. He devises his cunning traps with the intention of teaching them all a lethal and gory lesson, and he enlists the assistance of his talented apprentice, Amanda.

What are the traps in Saw X?

Saw X 1
Saw X Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Need to Know! 5

The Saw X teaser trailer highlighted one particular aspect, which was the new traps that would be included in the tenth installment of the Saw film franchise. After falling for a medical hoax in Mexico, John Kramer found out that he only had a few months left to live after the physicians there told him they could heal his illness. He informed his actual physician that he had a great deal of work to do, and the preview showed him sketching traps out on a notepad.

Due to the fact that traps have become such an integral part of the Saw series, there has been a lot of speculation over the type of traps that will be included in the next prequel. Despite the fact that some of the traps seem to be the same as those in earlier Saw movies, the series has made an effort to ensure that each of the traps included in the films is unique in some manner.

One Saw X trap that resembled previous films featured one of the physicians who tricked John into linking up to a machine with a rope around her neck. She had a wire in front of her neck, and this game was about keeping her head on her shoulders. Another doctor with a device on his head was shown in the Saw X teaser. This one looked more like enormous vice grips, with electrical lines interwoven throughout the headpiece. He could be electrocuted if he fails Jigsaw’s assignment.

The film provided a comprehensive explanation just for the Saw X trap in question. John saw the collective group of victims from an elevated vantage point, namely a window on the second floor, as they congregated inside a single, spacious chamber. Subsequently, he communicated to the male physician that he needed to take a certain action in order to ensure his survival.

The individual instructs the male to insert a sufficiently large portion of her brain tissue into the enzyme tank made of glass, asserting that this action would result in the preservation of his life. Subsequently, the individual proceeds to engage in the act of excavating his own cranium.

The Saw X teaser has rapid editing sequences depicting several disturbing situations, including a guy using a drill bit to penetrate his own arm, a woman potentially severing her leg with wire, an explosion, someone being elevated from the ground, and a viscous substance being poured across someone’s face.

The Saw X traps exhibit a level of disturbance and repulsiveness comparable to those shown in earlier films. However, the detailed exploration of the other traps is expected to be reserved until the release of Saw X, shedding light on their mechanisms and the potential outcomes for the victims, whether it be a successful escape or fatal consequences.

The Cast and the Crew of Saw X

Saw Cast
Saw X Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything We Need to Know! 6

The greatest Saw X cast announcement was, of course, the return of Tobin Bell as serial murderer John Kramer, nicknamed Jigsaw. Saw III ended with Kramer’s death, while Saw X is a prequel film set between Saw and Saw II. Shawnee Smith’s Amanda, Kramer’s protégé, is also returning to the Saw X cast. This was shown in a brilliant scene in the Saw X teaser when the masked guy abducting the fresh victims removed his mask to reveal that it was Amanda collecting everyone who duped John into the fatal games.

As of now, it has been confirmed that the only characters set to return for Saw X are John and Shawnee. In the context of the new characters, Synnøve Macody Lund assumes the role of a character in the television series Ragnarok, portraying a doctor who seems to have orchestrated a fraudulent scheme aimed at deceiving John into providing funds for fictitious cancer therapies.

Renata Vaca, also known by her stage name “Dale Gas,” plays a young woman who participates in a deceptive plot in which she pretends to have received cancer treatment from doctors. Paulette Hernandez, known by the pseudonym “My Demons Never Swore Solitude,” is implicated as an additional participant in the fraudulent scheme, holding a doctoral degree. Octavio Hinojosa, in his role as a doctor, assumes a part in the fraudulent activities involving John Kramer, while Joshua Okamoto, portraying John’s genuine physician, discloses the individuals responsible for deceiving him.

The Saw X cast includes more actors, including Michael Beach (known for his part in Aquaman) and Steven Brand (known for his role in Teen Wolf), whose specific roles have not been announced. Kevin Greutert, the director of Saw VI, has been announced as returning to the James Wan series to helm the next film. Joining him are Josh Stolberg, the writer of Jigsaw, and Peter Goldfinger, the writer of Spiral.

Furthermore, the actor Cary Elwes has recently provided insights into the potential reprise of his renowned portrayal of Dr. Lawrence Gordon in the next installment of the Saw franchise, tentatively titled Saw X.

In an interview before the premiere of his film Sweetwater, Elwes was queried about his contemplation of reprising the role of the doctor and his inclination toward delving further into the character. Regrettably, Elwes expressed his inability to provide any commentary about the aforementioned franchise since he lacks the necessary knowledge or insight to do so.

He explains, “I have no comment one way or the other about that franchise; I really can’t speak to it. I’m happy for the filmmakers that they continue to make money and that it seems to be a financial bonus for them. I really can’t speak to it because I’m not really involved anymore.”

Trailer of Saw X

At the end of July, a trailer for Saw X was released. All the speculations about the story’s ending were correct, as shown in this video. John Kramer finds out he has cancer sometime after the events of the first film. When his doctor says there’s nothing more he can do, he finds out about a trial therapy program in Mexico. John goes to see the physicians a young lady says saved her life and cured her cancer because of their work. After John pays them, they supposedly remove the tumors via a surgical procedure and send him on his way. Unfortunately for John, he finds out shortly after surgery that it is useless; the cancer has returned.

The official trailer for Saw X

YouTube video

It is implied that they find it remarkable that John Kramer was chosen as the target for a fraudulent operation, and this is expressed through an unidentified individual in the trailer. The user’s observation is commendable because it highlights the fact that John has become aware of how little time he has left on this planet. This realization compels John to design a revised plan and build new mechanisms to trap his prey.

Further, he says their intention is not to seek retribution against others but rather to provide them with a transformative experience, offering them an opportunity for survival contingent upon their adept navigation of the challenges presented in the games. Plus, Billy the Puppet makes a hilarious comeback.

The most significant point in the trailer for Saw X occurs towards the conclusion, whereby the one responsible for abducting each of the fraudulent individuals reveals their true identity as Amanda, revealing her integral involvement in these orchestrated events from their inception.

Saw and Saw II are making a limited comeback to cinemas, offering fans a chance to catch up on the series before the September 29 Saw X release.

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