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Saved by the Bell Cast Season 1 (2020) TV Series Review!

Tracey Wigfield is the creator of the new American show Saved by the Bell 2020, which is based on the first Saved by the Bell series that Sam Bobrick devised and produced. The last show ran from 1989 to 1993, and this new one picks up right where the last one left off. Most of the original cast members are back to play the legendary characters they played in the first season, and they also work as producers.

There are a total of four executive producers, and their names are Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Elizabeth Berkley, and Tiffani Thiessen. They are making an effort to introduce a new generation to this legendary program that won the hearts of preteens and teenagers in the 1990s.

There have been rumblings, particularly over the course of the last several years, about the possibility of a Saved by the Bell cast reunion of some kind. Jimmy Fallon, the host of the famous Tonight Show, initiated the campaign in 2015 to get the Saved by the Bell Cast members of the show to participate in a reunion effort. The concept of bringing back Saved by the Bell started to gain and keep fans’ interest over time.

Peacock is a new direct-to-consumer streaming service that was launched by Universal and NBC. In conjunction with the introduction of Peacock, both companies started the process of re-acquiring their licensed material in order to guarantee exclusivity and attract customers.

In addition to the titles and material already in its repertoire, NBC investigated the possibility of generating additional exclusive titles and content. NBC made the announcement that a new version of Saved by the Bell will premiere on Peacock in the autumn of 2019. Along with the revelation that the bulk of the original cast of Saved by the Bell would be returning, it was also revealed that Dashiell Driscoll, the creator of Funny or Die’s incredibly successful “Zack Morris is Trash” web series, would be contributing as one of the writers to the new series.

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 Saved by the Bell Cast

On November 25, 2020, Peacock broadcast the first episode of Saved By the Bell’s tenth and final season, which made its debut. In spite of the fact that the original series was only moderately well received during its first run, it eventually achieved enormous success in syndication and has been a mainstay on television networks and cable channels for many years. It is a commonly held opinion that the show is not the piece of programming with the best writing, despite the fact that the original series was and still is an enormous hit with audiences.

The return of the series has been eagerly awaited, but the public was unsure of what to anticipate from the prelaunch in terms of the tone and the quality of the new episodes. The first episode of Saved by the Bell was greeted with an enthusiastic response from viewers all across the world.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the series has a score of 75% among critics that is considered “certified fresh,” while the audience score is 61%. The remake received a score of 72 out of a possible 100 points from Meteoritic, while IGN dubbed the series “Amazing” based on its score of 9 out of 10. Although Universal and NBC have not yet made an official announcement about a second season of the series, it is likely that there will be one given the generally favorable critical reaction.                            

The premiere of the program was at one point scheduled to take place in the summer. In light of the fact that the production of the last three episodes was slowed down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the release date was moved to November 25, 2020. Only the pilot episode is accessible to view for free on the Peacock Premium platform, which was the only place where the further 10 episodes were made available after their initial broadcast. On November 24, 2021, the second season of the show was made.

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YouTube video
Video Credits@Peacock

Saved by the Bell Cast and Story

A new batch of students at Bayside High School who hail from “overprivileged” and working-class backgrounds are the focus of this series. The latter group was moved to the school as part of a plan by now-Governor Zack Morris of California to send lower-income students to the highest-performing schools in the state. Morris’s administration has been the subject of controversy for closing too many low-income high schools.

After the original Saved by the Bell cast has all grown up and moved on with their lives, the story of the remake picks up 30 years later. The series begins with a political commercial that was produced by Zack Morris, who is now serving as the Governor of California (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). We have just learned that the state government has significantly reduced the amount of money that is allocated to their school system. As a result of these cutbacks, several schools in low-income communities had to close their doors.

The remedy that Governor Morris proposes to the problem of the school closings is to move the pupils who have been moved from districts with much lower funding to districts with significantly greater funding. We are introduced to a group of poor kids who transferred to Bayside High after Douglas High was just shut down. These students are now attempting to navigate the very different atmosphere at Bayside High.

Daisy Jimenez (Haskiri Valazquez), Aisha Garcia (Alycia Pascual-Pena), and Devante Young are all graduates of Douglas High School. Daisy is a perfectionist while Aisha and Devante are both feisty and moody (Dexter Darden). In order to provide a seamless transition from life at Douglas High to life at Bayside, students from Douglas High are each paired with an existing Bayside student.

The Douglas kids are paired with the slacker Mac Morris (played by Mitchell Hoog), the obnoxious but endearing jock Jamie Spano (played by Belmont Cameli), and the elegant socialite Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio (Josi Totah). They assist the Douglas students in adjusting to the unfamiliar environment of Bayside with the assistance of the school’s guidance counselor, Jessi Spano (Elizabeth Berkley), as well as the physical education instructor and coach, A.C. Slater (Mario Lopez), as well as the assistance of their student partners. Alternately, do the children of Douglas play a role in helping the children of bayside adjust to life in the adult world?

Saved by the Bell Cast
DIRECTINGTrent O’Donnell, Kabir Akhtar, Matthew A. Cherry, Daniella Eisman, Katie Locke O’Brien, Claire Scanlon, Angela C. Tortu
PRODUCINGFranco Bario, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Elizabeth Berkley, Peter Engel, Mario Lopez, Josie Totah, Tiffani Thiessen
WRITINGSam Bodrick, Tracey Wigfield, Matt Warbuton, Beth Coyle, Dashiell Driscoll, Erin Fisher, Aaron Geary, Marcos Gonzalez, Shantira Jackson, Dylan Morgan, Amy-Jo Perry, Josh Siegl, Ben Steiner, Amara Taylor
RELEASE DATENovember 25th, 2020
Saved by the Bell  CastHaskiri Velazquez, Alycia Pascual-Pena, Mitchell Hoog, Josie Totah, Belmont Cameli, Dexter Darden, John Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Berkley, Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen

Guest Appearance

• Daisy’s diligent mother, Ms. Jimenez, is portrayed by Selenis Leyva,

• Courtney Lopez plays Michelle; a woman that Slater first meets on a blind date but who he eventually begins dating. 


Where can I watch Saved by the Bell Season 1?

You can watch Saved by the Bell Season 1 Now on Stan, Peacock, and Hulu Plus. You have the option of renting or buying Saved by the Bell via the streaming services provided by Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play.

How many Episodes of saved by the bell season 1?

There are 10 episodes available to watch online on Peacock.
Clubs and Cliques
The Bayside Triangle
The Fabulous Birchwood Boys
House Party
The Todd Capsule
All in the Hall

How many seasons of saved by the bell?

There are 4 seasons of saved by the bell.

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