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Riverdale Season 4: The New Villian and All Details of the Upcoming Installment

Are you excited? Riverdale season is coming with the fourth installment. It is on the production stage and will soon on the screen. So just hold your breath because the showrunner has told us that the new villain will a dangerous one of the history.

It has become one of the famous teen drama since January 2017. Well, the main character of the Riverdale season four is played by KJ APA. Besides others are Camila Mendez, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Betty, and Veronica.

The upcoming Riverdale season will introduce new Archie nemesis. Dodger is the new character of the fourth season. Juan Riedinger will play the role as troublemakers. his objective and identity are unknown but it will be the recurring character of the fourth season.

In the previous installment, the Black Hood was the major villains. So the serial killer has died, and Cooper imposter is in jail. In the last season, Lasy Blosson went MIA. On the other side, the farm is no longer troublemakers in this season. So the installment would introduce another antagonist.

Roberto Aguirre showrunner confirmed that there will be a new villain in season four and would be the dangerous one.

Netflix and the CW provide plot and trailer of Riverdale season 4. But we don’t have a teaser. Maybe before releasing the show, networks unveil the trailer. Cast stars appeared in some funny videos and talked about the upcoming installment.

It is expecting that season four will follow the same release pattern as previous. Last two seasons premiered in October. The latest will come on 9th October 2019 at 8 pm on the CW.

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