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Black Mirror Season 6 will be Slightly Different from the Rest, See When it will Release

Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror, one of the best highly-advanced sci-fi anthologies earned tremendous applaud from viewers and critics. And now the series will soon mark its entry back on Netflix with the release of its season 6.

Black Mirror is best known for its unique presentation of plotlines boosted by highly-advanced technology. No doubt, every time we get a season of Black Mirror, it remarkably intensify us.

Now, the fans are wondering when will Netflix drop any hint about the making and arrival of Black Mirror Season 6.

Unfortunately, we have not received any official news about the making of the Black Mirror Season 6. It seems like it will take some more time in renewing the series for season 6.

Hopefully, soon the makers will let the fans know about the arrival of season 6. The makers will surely bring another season as fans really want to have another sci-fi pack with unique plotlines.

Surely, this time the makers will bring some slight changes regarding the plotline of the Black Mirror Season 6. There’s a possibility that it may be a spin-off season or a new chapter with a twisted style will begin.

Let’s see what it will bring for the fans.

Stay tuned to know more about Black Mirror.

The Umbrella Academy Season 2: Here’s Everything that You Need to Know so far

Umbrella Academy Season 2

Fans have been waiting The second season of The umbrella Academy season 2 since February 2019. There was a cliffhanger at the end of the first season that would solve in the upcoming season.

So Netflix is bringing another series of the Umbrella Academy.  So let’s supposed what is coming in it. The second season has no big announcement or talks. However, we’re sharing with you what we know yet.

the production has started this summer in Toronto. the first season released in February 2019 and we expect that we get the second season soon.

Release Date of The Umbrella Academy Season 2

If the shooting will complete at the end of 2019 then the first quarter could release. As we saw the first season ended with the umbrella academy kids time as they were traveling in the past. But we don’t know where they want to go and in which year.

So season 2 will reveal all the unknown truths of travel. we know that Hargreaves Pogo and Cha-Cha has dead but maybe time bring them back to life.

Who will in the umbrella Academy season 2

All cast stars of season 1 will return for the upcoming installment. Here is the list of cast star of the second season

Tom Hopper (Number One Luther), David Castaneda (Number Two Diego), Emmy Raver-Lampman (Number Three Allison), Robert Sheehan (Number Four Klaus), Aiden Gallagher (Number Five), Justin Min (Number Six Ben), Ellen Page (Number Seven Vanya), Cameron Britton(Hazel), Sheila McCarthy (Agnes).

The first season has 10 episodes, so we expect the same number for the second season.

Top Gun : Maverick, Here’s Everything About Military Drama!

Top Gun 2

A military drama of 1998 has got a sequel and now time for fans to embrace the speed once again. Tom Cruise is starring in this military drama. Yes, it’s actually happening. The top adventures of goose and Maverick’s made a place in everyone’s heart.

So fans are expecting best from the upcoming series that titled is Top Gun: Maverick.
So let’s talk about all details fo Top Gun 2 that you really want to know.

Title of this military dram is so attractive. Tom Cruise said the title of the series was confirmed after his character name. However, the series faced many obstacles along its journey. One of the major problems was the death of the original film Tony Scott back in 2012.


So let’s talk about the storyline of Top Gun: Maverick.
Fans were sure the top gun two would be canceled but due to the interest of Joselp Kosinski, the project come as healthy series.  As director of the top gun said, ” I don’t want to do remark or reinvention. I just want to make a new film based on the current world.”

There is a big difference if we compare the Navy of 1986 and today’s Navy. Kosinski further said, ” Top Gun: Maverick will keep the fans at the edge. They would embrace the naval action.

Who Will be in the Top Gun: Maverick

In the upcoming sequel, Tom Cruise, as Pete is the main character. Besides, Val Kilmer, Miles Teller, Manny Jacinto, Kara Wang and Greg Tarzan, Jack Schumacher, Raymond Lee, Liliana Wray, Jake Picking, Jean Louisa Kelly and many more are included.

Release Date of Top Gun: Maverick

According to reports, Top Gun: Maverick will hit the screen on 26th June 2020.

IT Chapter 2: Release Date, Trailer and all Details that you want

IT Chapter 2 trailer

Fans of the 2017 series are alert this week because release moment can come at any time. So the first look of Pennywise horror sequel is coming.

It could be released at any time any day now. The IT Chapter season 1 released on 8th September 2017 and first trailer came on 29th March. Why am I saying it could happen at any day at any time?

Two reasons are logical one is the strict timing pattern, and second is the author of IT chapter named Stephen king.

So it is confirmed that the It chapter 2 will release later this year. The trailer also can release at any time if I explained the second reason that is the Stephen King who inspired horror movie pet Sematary that released on 5th April in Cinema.

It will target the audience. As you know, the IT chapter one became the smash hit in 2017 and made with $35 million budget. However, it got impressive grossed that was $700 million worldwide.

So fans are a high expectation with season 2 that will release on September 2019.

Who Will be Stars in It Chapter 2?

Moreover, the official cast news has also revealed. And according to the official report, James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain world be a part of the film. Jessica Chastain is the bloodiest sequence of horror movies.

here are the cast star list is given below
James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, Bill Skarsgard, Bill Hader, James Ransone, andy Bean.

When Will IT Chapter 2 Release?

IT Chapter 2 story will release on 5th September 2019 in Russia. It will be 27 years later. Pennywise will return to torment and grow up as members of the Loser Club.

Andy Muschietti is the director, and Gary Dauberman is the writer of the ITR Chapter 2.
Fans of It Chapter are waiting from all over the world.

So in the United States, it will release on 6th September 2019 by Warner Bros. Here you can watch the trailer of IT Chapter 2.

SYFY Canceled the Krypton Series! “Save Krypton” is becoming a trend on twitter!

SYFY canceled Krypton

Here is sad news for the krypton series fans. According to Hollywood Reporter and Deadline krypton season was canceled after season 2 finale streaming.

Low rating was seen for the season 2. There were only 408,000 viewers for season 2 meanwhile season 1 got 1.8 million average.

Therefore SyFy canceled the series along with the planned Lobo spinoff. It is very disappointing news because it was an influential series for SyFy.

Krypton season 1 was the most-watched series on SyFy since 2015’s Defiance. but season 2 could not get this momentum

Cast Star Cameron Cuffe share his disappointment in a tweet

However, there is little hope also to continue the show elsewhere. According to THR, Warner is currently shopping around Lobo to other outlets.

According to Deadline, Warner Horizon is in talks to move Krypton to DC universe or HBO Max. At that platform, season 1is available to stream. Well, it was not only the comic book-based series. That SyFy canceled this year.

So SYFY is against the renewal of Krypton third season. That means the network will not move with the Lobo spinoff series.

Fans stared a campaign on twitter with hashtag # SaveKrypton that has trend now.
They use it in millions of posts to bring attention and keep the superman prequel series on the air.

However, on the fans strike, producers on Krypton are trying to shop around to other networks. Maybe the Dc universe would be a new platform.  So let’s see what happen with the series. So stay tuned with newscase.com. Moreover, you can ask any question via email.

Mindhunter Season 2: Release Date, Episode Titles and Streaming Details!

Mindhunter Season 2 Netflix series

Netflix is bringing back Mindhunter season 2. So fans are very excited to watch the more adventures of two agents. this season is made on a book named Mind Hunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. Former special agent John Douglas and Mark Olshaker are the authors of the book.

The first season got positive ratings and fans really appreciated it. Now the season 2 was released on 16th August. So here we’re sharing with you Mindhunter season 2 episodes titles, release date, and streaming details.

The story of the second season follows two special agents. They are involved in many situations where they face extreme pressure while competing for their tasks. So both agents visit sociopathic mind and solve different cases.

Here are the index of Mindhunter season 2 episodes details

Episode 1 – 16th August 2019
Episode 2 – 16th august 2019
Episode 3 – 16th August 2019
Episode 4 – 16th august 2019
Episode 5 – 16th August 2019
Episode 6 – 16th august 2019
Episode 7 – 16th August 2019
Episode 8 – 16th August 2019
Episode 9 – 16th Agust 2019

Mindhunter is the original Netflix series. One of the exclusive show and will stream it elsewhere. However, it is recommended that you should stream only on Netflix and avoid other illegal ways to download or stream the show.

Here a trailer is given below so watch and enjoy it.

Do You Know What is Online Slots? Click and get all information here!

Online Slots
Online Money Games. Internet Online Casino Concept Illustration 3D Rendered.

Today Online casinos are very famous due to many reasons. It is very easy to find for playing many games. Slot machines attract billions of players. They offer to play free online slots.
If you don’t know what the slots are? Then stay tuned to us and get all the information regarding it.

What were Online Slots in the beginning?

In the beginning, slot machines were a set of features. Three reels that had ten symbols and won money and sweets when you would land a winning combination.

Yes! Absolutely you got sweets. Before this era, slot machines were illegal; that’s why sweets were used as prizes instead of money.

Moreover, since this time, fruits and strips are considered icons when you were playing slots. Fruits were sweets, and stripes mean chewing gum plates.

What are Online Slots Today?

Nowadays slots are different such as many features are available in which bonus games of varying complexity, free spins and the chance to risk the prize to win and mind-blowing progressive jackpots included.

So today with Online slots, you can find bonus symbols, Scatter symbols, multiplier symbols, and Wild symbols.

Classic Online Slots

many online casinos are available for different slot games from classic options to innovative games with fantastic 3D graphics.

Simple online slots have a virtual analog of the One-armed bandit machines and have three reels and one pay line. Meanwhile, traditional machines are land-based casinos and classic online slots. Many game developers replace traditional characters with thematic ones.

Three-reel online slots is a combination of special characters and bonus games. Classic Online slots have only one pay line. These online reel slots are linked with a network that provides an opportunity to win a fantastic progressive jackpot.

James Franco’s film Zeroville Trailer Released and Seth and Megan Fox appear in it!


Zeroville is an upcoming James Franco’s film. It is comedy-drama that made on the2207 novel with the same name by Steve Erickson. It was initially filmed in 2014 but pushed back at that time.

Now the Zeroville’s trailer released in which Megan Fox and Seth Rogen appeared. It is a story of a seminarian man who arrives in 1969 Hollywood. He is immersed in the confusing world of movie-making.

He meets with Rogen’s Viking man who is a writer and takes him into a party. In this party, he spots Fox’s Soledad and interested in a bombshell actress.

In this movie cast star Franco, Seth Rogen, Megan Fox, Joey Kind, Danny Mc Bride, Jaci Weaver, and Craig Robinson are included.

The release date of Zeroville film has confirmed. So after getting lost for many years, now, MyCinema will premiere on 20th September 2019.

Batwoman to Combat with Alice the Leader of Wonderland Gang in the Upcoming TV Series

Batwoman to Combat

Batman’s cousin, Kate Kane (played by Ruby Rose) will now put on the bat mask and costume to protect the Gotham City as Bruce the Batman has left.

Batwoman is the upcoming female-centered superhero TV series. In the live-action adaptation of Batwoman, we will see Kate Kane as the new superhero. She will head on to protect Gotham City in the absence of her cousin, Bruce.

Well, as Batman will abandon Gotham City, Kate Kane will take the responsibility of protecting her people from the evils and win their hearts. Surely, the upcoming TV series will earn a huge fanbase. As these days fans want a change, female superheroes prove to be perfect to bring on positive changes in superhero myths.

Moreover, Alice, the leader of the wonderland gang will threaten the Gotham city and combat with Batwoman. However, Alice whose real name Beth is none other than Kate’s twin sister. Well, years ago, some goons abducted her, and Kate believed that her twin sister died.

Now, Beth will return as Red Alice and will give a tough competition to her own sister, the superhero, Batwoman.

Moreover, fans also spectualte that Hush will be seen in the upcoming TV series, Batwoman.

Let’s see how many villains will the Batwoman has to beat in the upcoming TV series.

Stay tuned to know more about Batwoman.

Marvel’s “Ghost Rider” Set to Release on Hulu, Johnny Blaze Back in Action

Ghost Rider

Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider will soon appear in the Hulu TV series titled as Ghost Rider.

Marvel superheroic figure Ghost Rider occupied by 3 characters, The Phantom Rider, Johny Blaze, and Danny Ketch, respectively, now presented in a whole new way in Hulu’s upcoming TV series.

However, in this TV series adaptation of the Ghost Rider, Gabriel Luna, the Ghost Rider will reprise his role from Disney+ series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Well, this series will not serve as a spin-off to the Disney+ Series, and not even a crossover.

In the upcoming TV series, Ghost Rider, we will witness some different aspects of Johny Blaze’s life. Gabriel Luna who portrayed the role of Ghost Rider in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D will also now portray the character of Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze in this series. However, the story and the journey will differ as hell from that of the S.H.I.E.LD.

It will surely be intensifying as hell to watch our Ghost Rider back in action, and on a whole new adventure of his life.

Surely, there are cents of peaks yet to explore about our Ghost Rider.

As per the speculations made by fans, may Danny Ketch also enter the upcoming Series, Ghost Rider?  Well, Danny is none other than the lost long brother of Johny Blaze, and another Ghost Rider.

Though, as the Ghost Rider has many evil rivals, it is yet to confirm which one he will face-off in the upcoming series. However, it is quite possible that the Ghost Rider tv series will include the Spirit of Vengeance elements to hype the thrill, horror, and action.

Well, we will have a lot of hell-pieces (twists) about Ghost Rider and his role in Marvel Universe along Doctor Strange and many other superheroes, fighting against the evils.

Ghost Rider will release in 2020 on Hulu.

Stay tuned with us to know more about Ghost Rider!