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One of the Darkest Horror Movies You Will Ever Watch: “The Devil’s Bath”

Shudder’s latest addition, “The Devil’s Bath,” captivates immediately with its evocative title. Yet, it is the moment you begin watching that the film truly ensnares you, holding your gaze captive despite any urge to look away. Crafted by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, the creators of the eerie “Goodnight Mommy” and “The Lodge,” this film surpasses their earlier works.

The Devil’s Bath” stands out among the best horror movies for its intensive exploration of profoundly disturbing topics. Franz and Fiala weave a narrative uniquely their own, delivering a film that powerfully reinstates its roots in horrifying realities. Its conclusion creates an unforgettable experience that lingers long after the credits roll.

This contemplative horror film from Austria and Germany, which delves into the depths of depression, is ideally experienced in solitude, free from the distractions of your phone, allowing you to plunge completely into its dark thematic elements.

Anja Plaschg, an Austrian musician-turned-actor who appears in virtually every scene, delivers a compelling performance. However, it’s important to note that this film might not be suitable for all viewers. “The Devil’s Bath” plunges into extreme darkness, presenting one disturbing image after another, each more unsettling than the last.

This is not a tale of supernatural beings or mythical demons but a stark portrayal of human darkness. “The Devil’s Bath” invites an emotional engagement so profound that one viewing might be all you can handle, yet this is not a flaw. It penetrates your senses so deeply that you may choose never to revisit it.

What is the plot of ‘The Devil’s Bath’?

Set in the austere landscapes of 18th-century Austria, “The Devil’s Bath” begins as one of the best horror movies with a startling scene. A mysterious woman discovers an infant abandoned in the forest and decides to take it with her, despite her stern expression indicating she has no intention of keeping the child as her own.

Instead, she marches through the forest, clutching the wailing baby, until reaching a towering waterfall’s brink. There, after a brief hesitation, she throws the infant over the precipice before seeking her priest to confess her actions. Later, she is found deceased, positioned in a chair in the forest, visibly mutilated with her toes and fingers severed, and her severed head grotesquely displayed in a cage nearby.

This harrowing opening gives way momentarily to a lighter scene, depicting the union of Agnes (Plaschg) and her new spouse, Wolf (David Scheid). Their celebration includes an unusual custom involving a live chicken used as a piñata. Post-celebration, Wolf blindfolds Agnes, eager to unveil a surprise—a new house he purchased without her prior knowledge, situated far from her beloved family. Agnes faces immediate disappointment, unaffected by the large stove presented for her use.

Agnes appears as a character brimming with hope and a zest for life, yet we witness her light gradually diminish. Although Agnes and Wolf desire a child, Wolf shows little sexual interest in her. The situation worsens when Wolf gifts Agnes with a finger from the woman who threw the baby, intending it as a fertility talisman to place under their bed.

Meanwhile, Wolf and the other villagers are engrossed in their daily grind of strenuous labor, fishing, and tending to fields, with their evenings spent preparing meals and resting before another identical day. Trapped in this new, monotonous life far from her kin, and unable to bond with her new family, Agnes spirals into severe depression.

What is the release date of ‘The Devil’s Bath’?

The kind of release you’re looking for determines when The Devil’s Bath will be available:

Theatrical release: The film debuted in Austria on March 8, 2024.

Film festival premiere: It made its global debut even sooner, on February 20, 2024, at the Berlin International Film Festival.

North American streaming release: The film was made accessible to North American audiences on the streaming site Shudder on June 28, 2024, after its debut at the Tribeca Film Festival on June 8, 2024.

Who is in the cast of ‘The Devil’s Bath’?

Here are some of the main cast members of “The Devil’s Bath”:

Anja Plaschg as Agnes

Anja Plaschg as Agnes
Agnes, played by Anja Plaschg, is the central character in “The Devil’s Bath.” She’s a young woman who enters a marriage with hope for love and happiness, but finds herself trapped in a life of isolation and despair

David Scheid as Wolf

David Scheid as Wolf
In “The Devil’s Bath,” David Scheid portrays Wolf, Agnes’s husband, whose initial affability may mask a more complex role in her descent into darkness

Maria Hofstätter as Mother Gänglin

Maria Hofstätter as Mother Gänglin
In “The Devil’s Bath,” Maria Hofstätter takes on the role of Mother Gänglin, Agnes’s cold and disapproving mother-in-law. With a likely icy demeanor and a critical eye, Mother Gänglin creates a suffocating atmosphere for Agnes, fueling her isolation and potentially driving a wedge between Agnes and her husband

Natalija Baranova as Ewa Schikin

Natalija Baranova as Ewa Schikin
“The Devil’s Bath” mention the actress Natalija Baranova playing Ewa Schikin,

Lukas Walcher as Lukas

Lukas Walcher as Lukas
Lukas Walcher’s role as a character named Lukas in the movie “The Devil’s Bath.”

‘The Devil’s Bath’ Official Trailer

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