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On My Block Season 3: More Updates About Release Date And Cast!

On My Block is one of the best shows for Hollywood cinema screens.  The storyline is so interesting that you can finish the first and second season in just one day. The secret to know about the story will push you to watch more and more. It has a perfect balance of mystery and humor.

It includes gangs, parties, some violence and romance along with a few curse words. So if you don’t enjoy that then this is your heads up. It’s mostly about these 4 kids who are going through a lot, from fighting for their friendship to fighting for their lives.

It is also hilarious. You bust out laughing in almost all the scenes. You won’t be disappointed if you watch this show. Fans really hope there will be a season 3 and can’t wait for it. So fans will happy to know that “ON My Block Season 3” is coming soon.

Jamal is super funny he makes all cry sometimes (in a good way). Cesar doesn’t know what to do about the gang. Ruby is trying to find the love of his life (Olivia), and Monse is Monse. She is doing a lot and trying to find her mom, her true love, and just wants to live her life. Everything about this show is amazing and it will hope that Netflix will not take it out. But overall this is the favorite show on Netflix.

However, you may find some new faces n “On My Block Season 3″ according to the storylines.

All the previous seasons of the show has been released in the month of March. So if we follow the sequence then it may air on March 2020.

Faheem Haydar
Faheem Haydar
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