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Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ Live-Action Series: When Does It Come Out, and What Do We Know So Far?

The first-ever live-action Resident Evil series is clashing to revolutionize the venerable horror franchise. Here’s where you can find out all you need to know!

Netflix’s newest original series

Resident Evil, a new Netflix Original series, is based on the Capcom game of the same name. The brand has spawned a slew of video games since its introduction in 1996: sequels, novels, and a successful film franchise.

Netflix appears to be going all-in on Resident Evil with this live-action series and at least two animated ventures, the first of which is Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which debuted on Netflix in July 2021.

Netflix did not make official announcements about the live-action series until August 27, 2020. That’s when they first revealed the information using the previous NXonNetflix account.

The first episode is titled “Welcome to New Racoon City,” according to the script uploaded by NXonNetflix in August 2020. Andrew Dabb wrote the attack, and Bronwen Hughes directed it (The Walking Dead).

Andrew Dabb directs the series.

Andrew Dabb directs the series. His past work includes The CW’s Supernatural. That raised some initial concerns about the tone of the first season, but it’s too early to tell now.

Before we get into the weeds, here’s your first look at Resident Evil in the form of a first look teaser featuring a zombie Doberman and two photographs featuring a stylized version of the dog from the teaser and the new series’ emblem.

live action resident evil netflix-1

It should spotlight that This current Resident Evil TV series (for the time mentioned as Resident Evil) differs from a few previous Resident Evil video ventures that have debuted in recent years. Welcome to Raccoon City, a live-action film released in September 2021, was a similar live-action production. Meanwhile, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness was a CG-animated film that premiered on Netflix in July 2021, continuing Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy’s mission to prevent bioweapon outbreaks in the aftermath of the Raccoon City tragedy.

Netflix’s newest live-action Resident Evil TV series is distinct from the other two, focusing on an original retelling of events before Raccoon City’s demise in the zombie genre.

Season 2 speculations for Resident Evil

A second season is reportedly in the works. Understand that the second season is in the works.

Wait is over

As we wait for more news to build up to the show’s July 17 premiere, stay tuned and check out the Resident Evil Netflix cast.

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