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Navy ranks what do they mean

Navy Ranks Means: I’ve been fascinated with the Navy for as long as I can remember. I always especially liked the uniforms of the navy and the romance of being out to sea on a massive destroyer. Over the years, my childhood fascination has turned into an adult study. One thing that I recently researched was the navy ranks system and what it means to be in any certain rank as opposed to another. Running a tight ship has been a goal of mine both professionally and personally, and I’ve found the navy specialize in discipline and accountability, and the ranking system they employ is a big part of that. I’ve compiled some very interesting information about this system. A little of the history behind the ranks, read ahead in my article titled navy ranks: what do they mean?

Starting Rank

So what happens if I join the Navy? What rank do I receive upon enlistment, and what and when are the next promotions? An enlisted member joins the Navy as a Seaman Recruit. Then he completes his basic training and advances to the seaman. Then the next notable advancement is to a Noncommissioned Officer.

After you pass a series of exams, you will next be promoted to Seaman Apprentice. Which gives a bump in pay as well as your rank insignia promotion. The Navy clearly stats what enlisted personnel and officers can do to increase the chances of their promotion. The promotion of an enlisted sailor partly depends on current pay grade and total time in service.  The staffing levels within the career field. It all depends on the recruit’s abilities and prowess at sea. As to whether or not he or she will be promoted in a timely manner. But generally, a raise in pay is expecting within the first year.

Navy Officer Ranks

Then there are the Navy Officers. Navy officer ranks include warrant and commissioned officers. Warrant officers are the experts and specialists in certain military technologies or skills). The senate is the authority that confirms the promotion of the officers. The Commissioned officers do not recruit, and they serve at the pleasure of US President. The commissioned officers hold a commission that charges them with the duties and responsibilities of their specific rank.

Warrant Officer

One of the Navy Officers goes by the rank Warrant Officer. The Warrant Officer positions, including CWO2, CWO3 CWO4, and CWO5, involve the application of technical and leadership skills vs. primarily management functions. At sea, the Navy relies heavily on them to oversee the repair and maintenance of all types of equipment during extended deployments.

It becomes quite tough to get promotions as the Navy officers’ move up to the ranks. The outstanding achievements count greatly as there are no advancement exams for the officers.

Also, the fitness reports and performance evaluations count.

There are no automatic promotions in the Navy, and the officers are being promoted on the base of vacancies in the advanced officer ranks.

A wide range of advanced positions are offering past the twenty-year mark, for some officer communities are larger than others.

Some of the toughest to get promotions are an air traffic controller, nuclear power, and the seal program. Only the very best, most competitive recruits get promoted to these programs. Along with the rank, these high profile fields also offer a much higher pay grade.

One thing is certain, if you put in the effort, the Navy will reward you, and you will rise in the ranks. Some sailors are promoting quickly. They earn very good money within months of basic training. Others, those with problems such as DUI, or any type of offense while enlisted, will not be promoted beyond the first rank.

Tips and Tricks

There are tips and tricks to getting a promotion. But a lot of it will come down to a written exam given by your superior officers. Whatever your specialty is, if you know it front to back. You will pass your exam and reach the next Navy promotion. And one thing we can’t forget to mention, the pride you will feel by serving your country with distinction is priceless.

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