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Maher Alkhawndi, A young innovator

Everyone in this world wants to be successful in their life. Everyone wants to make their dreams come true, but only a few of those ambitious people have achieved it; why is that? Not all people who dream of something can change it into reality because it takes dedication, struggle, and a lot of sacrifices. Not everyone has enough courage to face these hardships, so they quit in the middle of their journey.

While talking about those few people who have achieved their dreams and milestone, we cannot ignore the efforts and struggles of Maher Alkhawndi.

Who is Maher Alkhawndi?

As we all know that technology is taking over everything in the world. Telephone calls replace communication through letters, and video calls replace voice calls; traveling on foot is replaced by vehicles and airplanes.

Maher is a computer engineer. He completed his graduation from the American University of London. He always wanted to an innovator. He used to studies the unsung innovators, who made a significant contribution to the invention of technology. He used to read about their work routine and qualities that made them a great innovator, and he tried everything to imply those qualities in him. Maher is famous around the globe because of his personal website MaherSite.com, where everyone can reach him through social media accounts and their personal contact numbers. He is a businessman, an innovator, and a motivational speaker. He is famous around the industry of web and mobile applications because of his interest and the urge to bring something unimaginable in the world of web and mobile applications. He has four platforms where he informs people about the latest inventions in mobile and web apps. Those platforms are:

  • MamacGroup.com
  • Jazly.com
  • HaamApp.com
  • CazyMedia.com

He is doing great work in the industry of Applications.

About his companies:

These platforms are focused on the invention of new web and mobile applications. Maher knows the strategies of taking your business to the international market. So, he has started social media marketing, marketing through SMS, and Emails that have helped him gain customers and reputation in the international market. He informs people around the globe about his top-selling products and their functions. Despite all of this business in the international market, he is spending a lot of time motivating the young businessmen to look for hope and guidance. He has introduced a platform named HaamApp.com, where he tells the visitors about the newest number of affected people from Covid-19, the number of deaths and recoveries, and undiscovered strategies to avoid the infection of this deadly virus.

What is he going to do next?

Maher thinks that a good innovator is never satisfied with his invention, no matter how many people admire it. He always wants to do more and more for humanity. Besides all of his business and success, he is looking forward to guiding people about turning your business into online status. This idea came to him when he witnessed the pandemic situation around the globe, which destroyed many people’s business.



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