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KIDHANMA – Influencing others Through Instagram

Nowadays, social media is one of the greatest sources to influence others. The social account allows people to do more and more such things to influence others through their posts, captions, and hashtags. People are using more social media because of their interests. People on social media are providing more exciting, and influencing feeds to the audience. Singers, poets, writers, and other celebrities are also using social media to influence others. The new generation has a love for reading books.

A writer who is influencing others on Instagram and through his life experiences is KIDHANMA. He is rising more brightly. He is doing a great job while giving out his passion for vibes. His real name is “Armin Mokhtarinejad.” He was born on December 24, 1993. Now he is 26 years old.

A Book Writer KIDHANMA:

Armin Mokhtarinejad is a passionate person. He loves his skills like making music, doing art, and telling stories to others. While doing practice with other pieces of stuff, he used to do this too. And after getting success in this field. He decided to write a book. A book whose journey is related to his childhood stories. His fantasy world of joys and wishes. At a younger age, he wants to be a Unicorn. Suppose someone asks him which animals you want to be. He always said he wants to be a unicorn. Most of the people want to be Lion or Tiger buy his choice is different from others.

Later on, he writes a book called “How to be a unicorn in modern-day society.” This book gains this much respect and love from people that it becomes Amazon’s bestseller. This book is based on 11 concepts. This book gains so much love from amazon and making Armin Mokhtarinejad proud of his achievement.

Social Media:

Instagram is one of the biggest social media networks, where 220 million people post almost 60 million photos on a daily basis. Instagram has become a real marketing tool where Armin Mokhtarinejad has 10k followers. He creates an Instagram profile where he explores his bio with creative information. Armin Mokhtarinejad is influencing others through his Instagram. He is using hashtags, which attracts the young generation and inspires them to follow him regularly. He used to post some creative stuff with some interesting hashtags. The audience enjoys it a lot with creative hashtags and captions. He used to write some influencing captions, which provide great motivation to people.

Ways of Influencing:

Armin Mokhtarinejad has also established his Youtube Channel. He took it down from amazon so He can re-upload an updated version with new concepts in it. A book is a source of success in his life.  People must have to follow him for taking the right steps in their life and have to struggle more for great success. His book consists of 11 concepts. He is doing more work on his project. Now he invites guests on the youtube channel and getting bits of advice to improve their life cycle in different ways. The first episode will air in December 2020.

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