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Lucifer Season 5: Here’s the Clue about the Devil’s Death

One of the most-watched series of Netflix Lucifer, season five is on the way. There are many spoilers all around the world. Someone says in the first episode the devil will shot several times, but other one says they know how he survived the hit.

In the very first episode, Chloe Decker will meet the Lucifer Morningstar. The devil uses the power to convince the detective to let him accompany here to solve the mission of shot Delilah.  Therefore, things turned after Lucifer, and Chloe ended up getting shot.

According to Reddit, it was more than the power of Lucifer that saved the devil. Chloe makes Lucifer more vulnerable, and the series is on the way.

According to a fans explanation,  Chloe does not make lucifer vulnerable around herself; it’s Lucifer who makes himself vulnerable around Chloe as we saw his physical vulnerability in season one episode. In this episode, she shoots him, and he bleeds.

Chloe saw the wind scars on the back of Lucifer and touched them with genuine compassion. MeanwhileLucifer grabbed her wrist and said, Don’t Please. Fans say his voice at this moment was vulnerable.

Moreover, according to spoilers, Lucifer already felt like a monster inside and got his devil face. So his face appeared after the killing of Pierce and started to feel like a monster.

Well, all these scenes, the penthouse was the critical moment. The showrunner has shared the title of the first episode for the season five as well as uploading the picture of the episode. The director Jason Ning also created some dark episodes of the season.

A lucifer fan said that’s a momentous thing that Ning is writing the first episode of the season. He is amazing, but Ning means it would bring pain, desperation, and derailed Lucifer.

Well, Let’s see what Amazing is coming with Lucifer season five!

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