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Love Season Critics Review and Awards

Love Season Critics Review and Awards

Love Season is an acclaimed and popular series of Netflix. It gained popularity among the audience of Netflix by portraying a dysfunctional yet interesting Rom-Com. The show just said Goodbye to the watchers with its third season. The series ended on a fitting note leave all the fans of the show nostalgic. In this post, we will be reviewing the season 3 for you and give you the recap of what happened in the third season.

Love Season Perfect portrayal of Crazy love

Love is crazy. It can make your life a total mess. Love helps to bring out the best in ourselves and can help us transform into a completely new person. All the season of Love, including the third season, has been successful in showing the explosive energy and power love possesses. In this first two seasons of Love, Mickey and Gus were seen struggling with the pains of love. They begin to accept that falling in love isn’t an easy job. The final season focuses on how these two ends up getting committed to each other. The chaotic energy of the love between the two finally comes to a culmination in the last season of the series.

The Humor and big laughs that we shared with Mickey and Gus will be memorable

The portrayal of love in the whole series of the show is on the humorous side, and we can relate and connect with the character because we know how it is like to have fun in a relationship. The couple is seen exploring road trips and also seen at going to weddings together. They also get to realize who their real friends are and who the ones that always stay by their side are.

We see Mickey and Gus’s relationship being a lot mature than before

In the third season, Mickey and Gus are seen getting a lot more mature than before. They are not seen fighting over petty things and are instead seen fighting for each other. The best thing about their relationship is that if one of them makes a blunder somewhere, the other one is there to counter that mistake.

The couple is ready to heal others in love season

They have kept their relationship secure and have managed not to make things fall apart. The two have known each other for just six months, but they can handle everything correctly as they have matured in these six months.

The characterization of leads could have been better

Viewers aren’t happy to see the cracks which began to show when Gus and Mickey were about to reunite. The couple should not give such vibes, which makes many believe they should have been better without each other. While others may have felt that they should have been together no matter what. Another set of viewers thought that the characterization of Gus and Mickey was not up to the mark, and due to their stupidity, many felt unhappy. The only good thing we witnessed is that Gus tries hard to achieve what he has desired. He starts making good films and takes control of his life like never before. Mickey happily gives all her energy to the radio job, and results are proving fruitful too.

According to what we have seen so far that the characterization of the leads may not have been perfect, but it was able to give us some good moments as well. We could learn a few essential things from them, but their love part could have been better.

Love season has Brilliant cast and effortless performances

The chemistry between all the characters is speaking volumes of how talented all these actors are. The scenes are entirely relatable, and the situations many aspects have to go through are worth mentioning as well. The arguments between them will be able to connect with many viewers as they are authentic and real at the same time. The critics of the love season will finally like something right?

The character development of Bertie is a plus

Many viewers will feel excited to see the growth in the character of Bertie. Finally, she understood how to speak for herself. The episode which features her birthday happens to be one of the most heart reaching episodes. Don’t forget to keep the tissue papers with you, though. The bond of Bertie with Witaske is also heartwarming and regarding that reviews of love, the season is positive.

Comparison with the first two Love seasons

As compared to the first two seasons of love we can see that in this season storyline has messed up towards the ending. We were hoping for it to get better, but seem it wasn’t going to happen. The ending will leave many confused, and when viewers have to speculate what’s going to happen in the lives of their favorite characters, nothing seems fun anymore. This review was based on the happenings in around twelve and half-hour episodes. So can we expect more seasons? Well, only Netflix has an answer to it.

Love Achievements and Awards

There is no significant achievement than to have audience love. The awards of love season may be few but the show becomes a success when people like it and connect with the characters well. In this department, all the seasons of Love were a success. Audience praise is the most significant award a show can get, but this phenomenal series also managed to get nominated for Best Musical or Comedy Series at the 21st Satellite Awards.

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