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Lordcntero Aka Carlos Cantero

Lordcntero Aka Carlos Cantero

Carlos Cantero Social media is one of the best ways to endorse any skill and talent, with the help of small investment and guidance, people are not only imposing their own careers but also earn money. Some years ago, people just created their accounts for fun, but now, everything has changed, now you can promote your business, or even get money being famous on social media.

Carlos Cantero If we take the example of Instagram celebs, they are not our beloved TV or movie stars, but they are ordinary people who gained fame and a massive number of followers by showing their skills and some investments. We have many examples of the people who may be unknown in their neighborhood, but on social media, they are absolute stars.

We highly suggest you visit @lordcntero, aka Carlos Cantero, once you do you will understand what we are trying to say. Here is some personal information that we got from different sources, to show you some personal info about Carlos.



Carlos Cantero


31st December 2000


19 as per 2020




Spanish, English, and French


Instagram influencer, entrepreneur, and investor

Social media details:




Interested in:

Cryptocurrency, business

Life story Carlos Cantero :

A 19 years old boy gets fame with his fantastic sense as well as of humor and presence of mind and becomes the famous Instagram personality within a few years. Carlos could be considered as one of the new influencers on the Instagram world, his biggest account ‘@killjongun’, is approximately 2 years old, and his personal account was released to the public just a few months ago.

All of his posts were memes, and killjongun identity Carlos Cantero was completely anonymous; therefore, people got curious to know about the person behind their favorite Instagram page. so he decided to show himself to his followers, by opening to the public his own personal account.

On how to start being entrepreneurs, it doesn’t matter the budget. They start with, he just gives business ideas, for every kind of budget.

Future plans Carlos Cantero:


Moreover, To show his followers how important it is to invest money, Carlos created two online shops, based on Shopify. And made the first profits within the first-week Social media details Carlos Cantero:

Further These are some of the social media details about the young Instagram star. He is also a bit known on other socials, even if Instagram is his main one.


His twitter account is @lordcntero too, but he isn’t using it a lot. Even considering that he reached more than 9000 followers on there, some crazy numbers.


Further, On Instagram, which is his main media, he has two accounts a meme-related one, which is called @killjongun, and his most personal one, called @lordcntero.

Carlos Cantero is an example of, how even not being famous, neither rich, you can get a big social presence on the internet doing something that people like.


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