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Toys for Tots need greater than ever in the South Sound

 Toys for Tots need greater than ever in the South Sound

South sound Toys for tots volunteer in Pierce County have been filling bins with toys that are at the top list of Christmas wish lists for kids, including teddy bears, dolls and other toy types.

According to the coordinating officer of Toys for Tots, George Hilbish, he’s working with Santa to ensure that everyone’s lists are attended to.

Toys for Tots need greater than ever in the South Sound

Thanks to Toys for Tots, thousands of Pierce County Kids will have numerous presents under the tree this Christmas.

Hilbish believes that every child has a right to a little Christmas, as this will make them happy and give them hope for the coming year. Also, many people have been supporting this movement for over ten years.

South sound To donate to this course, kindly join us on Friday, December 6, at KIRO 7 and have great holiday fun activities. KIRO 7 personalities and the US Marine Corps representatives will be available from 6 am to 6 pm to accept your donation. In comparison, the Holiday Block Party starts from 10 am and ends by 2 pm. Activities and events to experience at the block party are:

Seattle’s Best Food Trucks

A special performance by Seattle Men’s Chorus

Local Mascots and Special Guests

Live Holiday Music from MOViN 92.5

Photos with Santa

Check out the list of other drops off locations on the Toys for Tots website.

There have been a few volunteers since the inception of Toys for Tots. That’s why thousands of people have benefited from the program.

South sound One such volunteer is Dante Pugh, who has been volunteering since 2008. Dante Pugh has always loved to help out, making him admitting it by saying:

“I like to help out.” He’s been helping since then and has made himself available whenever he has the time.

He also added that he loves the joy he sees on the faces of the children he helps as it gives him hope of a better tomorrow in the world.

According to Dante, the kids are usually happy when they get the toy and you can hear them saying:

‘Wow, I got this awesome toy.”

The following company support Toys for Tots in the South Florida Area:

South sound The US Marine Corps is in charge of Toys for Tots with volunteers collecting new and unwrapped toys every year for kids whose parents can not afford Christmas gifts for their kids.

As the year goes by, the need grows, so do the volunteers and donations.

With time, it increased to 24,000, and it is at 31,009 presently. He added that “it is a big increase.”

According to him, their aim was to gift every child at least two gifts, which means they have to collect over 60,000 gifts for the year.

Hilbish also added that:

“It’s going to be close,” and also noting south sound that donations are presently down as that is how it is with everyone in the country.

Hilbish hopes that people will take time to donate toys or take out time to be with kids in need within the remaining three weeks before Christmas.

On December 6, Pierce County Toys for Tots will be at the Walmart located on 31st Ave. S.E in Puyallup to hold a toy drive Friday, which will start by noon and end by 6 pm.

Visit the Toys for Tots website for the list of other drops off locations. If you want to help kids around your vicinity, kindly donate money online

south sound Toys for Tots is a national charitable program created by the U.S Marine Corps Reserve for over 72 years. The program aims to give hope and happiness to less privileged children every Christmas. Gifts collected during these events include books, toys, and other gifts that are shared by the Marines to offer. These children’s confidence, recognition, and a good memory to last a very long time. Experiences like these will help the children become caring and responsible members of the community.

The Toys for Tots Foundation is authorized by the Department of Defense and the U.S. Marine Corps as a non-profit organization that will provide all the necessary support including fundraising. For the yearly Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots event.

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