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Lewis Raymond Taylor an entrepreneur and international speaker

Lewis Raymond Taylor an entrepreneur and international speaker

We can easily count the name of successful people who made billions at a very young age. We also want to become like them, but we never know the sacrifices, hardships and problems that he bears to reach to this level. We always look at the glamour but forget about the price of it because we are not the one who deals with all. Today, we are going to tell the story about the boy, who suffered a lot in his past life but he never gets down himself, and today, the world knows him as a Senior Accredited Coaching Trainer. Let’s have a look at his life story.

Lewis was not a lucky kid who sits on his shoulder while walking or learnt him cycling, but he lived a different childhood where his father was an alcoholic and always speak bad thinks about him. His father never supports him, but because of him, Lewis often gets demotivated. According to Lewis, his father’s words paralyzed him; therefore, he stopped socializing and proved that his dad was always right about him.

He was a victim of sexual abuse at the age of eleven, and after that, he gets involved in criminal activities in which lighting fires and shoplifting were included. From fourteen to fifteen, he was dealing with the behaviour order that why he expelled from his school.

His life’s struggle continues, as he spends all the coming years with drugs, bad behaviour, and you name anything, and he is in, he also sentences to jail many times. His mental health was not good and then came a turning point in his life when he decided to left all the things and find inner peace. His father’s death was the day when he feels so empty, although, he was not the person that people would love him.

Now, he is a changed person, and he used to help people who need assistance through digital marketing. He is the proud CEO of Coaching Masters Limited company where he makes money in seven digits and spread awareness in the people around the world. He used to travel around the globe and deliver a speech in which he never forgets to add his life story to promote and inspire the people.

If we talk about his family and Coaching Masters Limited personal life, he has one younger brother and an old mother. He is also in a relationship with his girlfriend.

He is going to enter his Thirty, but he achieves many things in which we must add his regular donations, motivational speeches that he delivers in his bookings. If you want to get to know more about him, you can visit his website and follow him on Instagram; here are the links of his account and website.


Instagram: @lewisraymondtaylor


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